Wednesday 11th February 2004

Another excitng week here in Leicester for my housemates and I, and it is far from over. Who knows what the next few days will bring? My Guestbook is not live! Sorry to report this. Finally after a good solid few weeks of work, behind the scenes, I am bringing a new feature to my site. This is the first major step forward, since this site was re-developed in October last year. However, there is a PHP problem with my host. Will sort this in when I upgrade my package next week! (I hope!) The second semester is going well for me. I must admit that having adjusted to the pace of final year modules and coping with a project, I am enjoying my time at De Montfort University. Four years is such a significant amount of time. A new President is elected, the World Cup trophy is contested, and athletes meet to compete in the Olympics. In four years, titles, championships, records are won and lost. But for me, there has been no loss. Of course there are those who will say that I lost a great deal. Over half way through the course, one persons decision, could have had such a strong bearing on the remainder of my time. Time was on my side, and as luck would have it, I paid little price for someone else’s decision. I stand by mine, do you stand by your’s? Even now, at such a date, that brings both memories and pain. Time is perhaps the harshes judge of all. My housemate is building a super computer. To truly take him to infinity and beyond. The specification is a mouth watering prospect, with the memory and graphics cabability to make Windows excel. I too, am planning on building a super computer this summer. My Mesh Matrix, has been a great servant, for the past five years. Yes it will be five years, on 31st March 1999, my machine was delivered. Oh how sweet the memories are. Since then, it has been shipped to Leicester and back to Wycombe at total of six times. In that time, it has burnt endless amounts of CDs and the only major transplants have been a replacement TDK CyClone, some more memory to beef up the ram from 128mb to 648mb (Ooh yeah!). Also removed the Pioneer DVD-ROM drive. This was to make room for the hard disk drive caddy. All in all, a fantastic machine from an award winning computer firm that have been making PCs since 1987. Until my next PC is born, for now, I will have to enjoy the birth of Paul’s PC. A magnificant experience, to see these mortals hands, give life to such a beast.

Reaching Out To Touch A Stranger Electric Eyes Are Everywhere See That Girl She Knows I’m Watching She Likes The Way I Stare If only it was easy to find a positive response to all these feelings I have. I have many regrets, so many that listing them would forever hold me to the injustice, they force upon myself. For once I am not going to let such a trival matter, become a burden upon my conciousness. I am going to act. I would quote from Hamlet, but I feel that would be going too far.

Although I can blame my feelings on ‘human nature’, I know that by not acting, my fate will be once again in my hands rather than the hands of a stranger. Although I try my best to avoid some external intervence, such activity is unavoidable. I will do my utmost best to make it minimal. Third parties can cause confusion and limit my chances of success.

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