Sunday 8th February 2004

Finally got around to updating the MP3 Database on my Audio page, I am nearing the dizzy heights of 3000 mp3s. Adding almost 100 mp3s since November. My album collection has exploded to 184, from 166 in November. I am going to aim to update this listing every two months. There are two reasons for this, mainly due to time constraints and also the realisation that my collection will not grow dramatically in the space of a month.

Not much to report, I’m afraid. Not really in the mood to blog, on a Sunday morning. Busy with Uni work at the moment. My project and various coursework assignments that I need to get on with. A song I have been listening to is a cover of a Donna Summer classic. “This Time It’s For Real”, has been revamped and updated with the fantastic vocals of Kelly Llorenna. A really great dance tune and I have to attempt it has started to grow on me.

Should be heading back to Wycombe this coming weekend, so another reason to get as much work done today as I can. Will hopefully update again later in the week, when I should be bringing my guestbook live. Currently tweaking the layout and design, so it fits in with the rest of the site.

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