Friday 13th February 2004

Home for the weekend. Left Leicester around 5.40pm, and got into Wycombe around 7.20pm which was quite good going, taking into account I was driving my sister’s M-Reg, Metro GTA. It is only a 1.1 injection, but still quite nippy. May go into London this Saturday to get some sightseeing done. Looking forward to the 5th Round of the FA Cup, particularly Sunday midday clash! 🙂 Not much else to report at the moment, I’m afraid. Should be upgrading my hosting next week and have some more breathing space with regards to bandwidth.

MightyMouse has chipped his XBox and connected it up to his home network. All this, within a few days of having purchased the games console. Then there is myself, who takes months to get around going beyond the basic features of the hardware. Usual thing, I will just about work out how to make a phone call, send a text and use WAP. Then my dear friend Sippy, will come along and be customizing to the max! Happy Birthday to you old man! How does it feel? One year older, one year wiser?

Will update later, towards the end of the week, when I am can put everything into perspective, as I review events. Take care and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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