Tuesday 28th December 2004

Why is it that during the festive period, we lose all sense of date and time. Does Christmas do something to the body clock that is shrouded in mystery? Perhaps even the great Dickens noticed this lapse in human attention at this time of year.

My long term love affair with remixes continues. Several months ago, I was sitting in my car waiting to give a relative a lift, listening to Kiss 100. It was a Sunday night and Mark Goodyear was presenting the Smash Hits Hit List. It was at this moment, I heard for the first time the Hi-Base remix of the Britney Spears ballad, ‘Everytime’. Rarely does a remix improve the original to a level that it becomes more radio friendly. Deconstructing the strong, the lyrics are far from definitive and the melody has greater power to the affect it carries the song. If you look at the artist and avoid the rest of the baggage that comes with the brand. She does poses a nice pair of lungs and produce the perfect vocal. The dream voice for a DJ to remix. My favourite song by the former pop princess is ‘Born To Make You Happy’. Maybe because she was on the rise, but also the fact that my life was coming together and for once I could look around and smile contently. Shame to see such a great talent wasted on the three taboos, s** d****, and very little of the rock and roll.

As we find ourselves staring at the end of year, I believe it is time for me to be noting down great thoughts and reflections for 2004. Did the year live up to expectation or not? This is very difficult for me to say because I find myself having made so much little progress that I had hoped for. Maybe the fact that I have started my second job and am at the starting line again. Yes, overall the circumstances are for the better but the lack of time in the position means I have little to judge against and little substance to reflect upon. In time, experience I shall be able to give a greater insight. Many things happened this year in terms of my website. I moved host and actually started paying for hosting for the first time. Purchased a second domain name, hosting my second exclusively ‘work’ blog, firstly on Blogger and in recent weeks on my own personal hosting.

Those who recall my adventures from Saturday 25th September will be pleased to announced the next installment is scheduled for tomorrow morning (or possibly early afternoon). The venue and companion remain unchanged and the only noted difference is the title of feature. Hopefully I will be able to review events tomorrow evening, comparing my personal record with that of my friend on his online journal. I am hoping to go over to Central London later in the week and also over to Birmingham early next week, possibly Monday. Want to get everything in order before work starts over again. A trip to the Midlands would give an opportunity to test out my Pure DAB Personal digital radio on the road for the first time. Will keep you posted, all events are subject to change at short notice.

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