Tuesday 15th July 2003

Again I apologise for the long delay in updating my website. I have to confess that I have been making the most of the hot weather, now that my Placement has finished. I still have loads of things to do, and loads of bits and pieces to check up on. I want to get this site sorted and my Placement page, finished before August, if I can.

As always, something that seems too good to be true, often is just that. Or in the case of BraveNet, just doesn’t last. I am extremely disappointed that BraveNet have decided to suspend their free counter service, with a standardised button, text and graphics. I was considering upgrading to the Pro version of the counter service, but was shocked to find that the cost of this is $99.99 per a year. That is far far far too expensive. So I am also on the search for a quality new counter, which again, has full visitor statistics. I may have to program one myself if my search does not provide a worthy replacement.

I have been downloaded several albums over the last few weeks. This has been mainly due to the fact, I have found a fantastic new peer-to-peer file sharing/swapping service. My friend, Darren, recommended Emule to me. It uses the eDonkey network and is great. Most users, share albums has compressed, zip or rar files, so there is no desperate searching around for that elusive final track on an album. I have downloaded a handful of albums, mostly recent news and I will be updating my Audio page to reflect this. The only problem is that most warez / mp3 groups enjoy placing their signature on the albums they are downloading. So you have to go and rename files and ID3 Tags, however, that is a small price to pay.

Most of you out there, will be unaware of the phenomenon which is the Bollywood movie. I am not a fan of this genre of cinema at all. Long gone have the days when I was seven, or eight and watched these movies, with an awe and twinkle in my eye, mesmerized by the action on the screen. But now, the fact that our hero, always seems to win, against unbelievable odds, get the girl and wins the heart of the family, all appears to be very superficial. There is no way, that our hero, only armed with a knife and defeat 23 villains all armed with sub-machine guns, pistols and grenades. It just simply, isn’t possible. When will these Indians learn? Another lesson, which they are far from heeding is that of their choice in songs. Well perhaps not so much, songs but rather backing track. As far as I can remember, Indian films have never had an original soundtrack. Quite funny, when you look at Western soundtracks which are always labelled, “OST – Original Soundtrack”. Bollywood films, also borrow something from western songs. It could only be explained that Indians, feel that Copyright, is having the right to COPY! On my search on the internet, I found a site by Nehal Sangeet, where it takes this subject that provides a list of songs and their western counterpart on which they are based. The website is aptly called, “Hindi Copied Songs”. I contacted Nehal and explained how grateful I was that someone had finally come around not to ask the question but also carry out the research. The research to link, western score song, to a Bollywood hit song. He mentioned that there is a much more comprehensive resource out there on the web, which also includes Real Audio of some songs. The site is I2FS – Inspired Indian Film Songs

I am working on getting some new photos on the site. Please bear with me. Hopefully, I will update the site later in the week. Take care for now everyone and enjoy the sunshine.

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