Friday 4th July 2003

This is the first major update to my site for at least a month. I’ve been extremely busy with work recently. As my placement draws to an end I have been under the pressure to tie things up and pass the ‘reins’ onto a worthy successor. I look back, some 12 months and still fail to comprehend how much on various levels, my life has changed. I suppose, the fact that things took an unexpected turn and left me at odds and ends, was the only reason I was able to achieve what I was able to achieve. I try my best not to really think deeply about those incidents. It’s just a shame that things tend never to pan out as expected, especially when you have the whole summer in front of you with nothing but distant thoughts of University, which would only come back to haunt you in the autumn of 2003, over a year away. I suppose I was blind, rather than naive but as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw the path I wanted to take and the road has served me well. Indeed, only time will tell.

Now, enough of reflecting upon the past. Let us, look to the future, together my friends, on this Independence Day.

My audio collection has been growing at a rapid rate, and I have not been keeping accurate records on my website. So therefore, I have updated all the listings on my Audio. I am still tinkering with my XP configuration and for this reason, I have not installed all the latest programs from my previous hard disk. I want to get back to the drawing board with regards to a refresh look on my website. There is also the hot topic of my placement website that needs to be cleaned up as a matter of urgency and then ‘sealed’ before I begin dismantling it for it’s final incarnation – presenting my final year project.

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