Sunday 20th July 2003

Sorry in the delay in updating my website. I am still considering on the revamp of the website, to co-inside with the 3rd birthday of my website. This may also involve a move of ISP. MadAsAFish have noticed that I have been accessing and retrieving by the fantastic service, Mail2Web. This web based service, lets you manage your POP mail account and ideally remove any messages that you do not want to download to your PC. From 16th August, I will only be able to access the mail, by dialling into the MadAsAFish account. Another reason, to move ISP is the substantial amount of spam or junk mail I have been receiving recently.Over three days, I totalled nearly 250 spam e-mails. Time to move ISP I feel. If anyone out there knows of a great ISP please let me know. I may temporarily move over to my Web UK Online account before finding a new home for my website.

Do not despair, I will keep you all closely with the decisions I make.

I have been busy focusing on the album side of my MP3 Collection. I have now over 110 albums in my collection and this continues to grow at a rapid rate. My single collection is also growing, but I haven’t downloaded many songs this week. In an average week, I would be exposed to nearly twenty hours of radio and would hear several new songs that would need to be downloaded. Unfortunately, as I am no longer commuting some 600 miles a week, I do not listen to any radio at all. I therefore, have been downloading songs, as I hear and see them on the numerous music channels on Sky Digital. Surprising to see the number of times videos are repeated during the course of the day. And they call this interactive television? I will update the Audio page to reflect changes in my collection soon.

This was one of the weeks that will go down in history. For some of the most tragic news, scandal and lies. Never have I ever noted to see such events unfolding on our TV screens. My feelings are that there is far far more to this than meets the eye. This is not just the heartbreaking death of a decent MoD expert, but more of the undoing of this Labour government. More will come out, and heads will indeed roll.

Someone is responsible and someone should pay…someone already has…

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