Thursday 5th June 2003

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the long delay in updating my site. I did actually begin a web log on Friday evening, but my train of thought could not find a suitable station, so therefore, I didn’t bother uploading my thoughts, until now. So, this web log is a mixture of thoughts, as we transcend from May to June… So, the end of yet another ‘eventful’ month! I’ve been on my placement for the official 48 weeks, and could technically finish working as of 5pm this afternoon Friday 31st May), but something tells me my job there, is far far from done. After all, in IT, you’ll always find yourself something to do… I enjoyed watching Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade on BBC One, on Monday (26th May) evening. The chemistry between Mr. Jones and “Junior” is truly magically. I look forward to Steven, resurrecting this franchise for a whole new generation to enjoy. 😉 What a week! Being only four days, means that before you even enter the week, on Tuesday, there is the added pressure of getting the work of five days done in four. However, I had quite a straightforward week, as I was already on top of everything. It is extremely satisfying to say that it is all under control, and “I’ve already done that…” Having now, become one of the more ‘experienced’ drivers on the road, I continued to be baffled by some of the driving, I see on my weekly 600 mile trip to work. It’s amazing how some drivers will push both their cars, and their lives to the limit. Of course, they pull off their manoeuvre, and survive to “Die Another Day”. One particular ‘move’ was on Tuesday morning, when a sliver Vauxhall Astra GSi, overtook a lorry, myself and another small vehicle ahead of me, with a heavy goods lorry heading straight towards him… Just a quick message to the MAIN man, Sippy! Well done for getting all your EXAMS done this week! Man of leisure now… enjoy! Been pondering the future of this site, and have decided that it needs a complete overhaul. I want to re-design it from the bottom up, using some fancy new programming language, such as XML, PHP or ASP. I’m also then going to attempt to get some paid hosting. Don’t worry though, this is something that is a) going to take some time and b) take a considerable about of thought, time and patience on my part. Afterall, I got to learn the language first, but we shall see. I apologise that this web update isn’t very ‘meaty’, however, extremely busy at the moment. I promise that I will make up for this lack of updates in the past few weeks, over the weekend. Got an extremely busy weekend ahead. Really want to sort out some of the collect that has collected itself onto my machine. I may even go the whole nine yards and re-install Windows 98 SE. The reason? The saying goes, that a picture speaks a thousand words. Well I’ll leave you with the images, that explain it all… ;o)

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