Sunday 25th May 2003

I was in for a heavy week at work, having had the previous week off, to complete my assignment, I knew that a big mountain of a week lay ahead of me. However, I not going to let it phase me and prove myself, more than able to meet the challenge! Last Sunday (18th May) was an enjoyable day. I tried to make the most of the day, driving into Reading and spending sometime with some old friends. I returned home that evening to find the second installment of the Indiana Jones trilogy, on BBC One. The Temple of Doom, was great to watch again and took me back to my childhood days. How life was so much different then, perhaps because your life is so much more structured and planned for you, its so much more easier? Looking forward to the Last Crusade, tomorrow night, which is my personal favourite! My music, affected me emotionally this week. I began the week, looking back to the summer of 2002. It began with so much anticipation and expectation, but leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. 🙁 The song, which became a bit of anthem for me, was the dance cover of the Bryan Adams, classic – “Heaven” by DJ Sammy. It will forever, remind me of driving on the A505 to Aylesbury. Between Leighton Buzzard and Wing, I recall this song blasted on my stereo as I overtake various vehicles, cruising in the summer sunshine and looking forward to the evening that lay before me. I began to learn the truth that Pain is Love… Unfortunately we can’t have one without the other, but then if we experience true love, we will eventually feel enormous pain. So those that bring so much love into your life, also bring with the opportunity to cause you great and significant pain, and there is little you can do it stop them. Just remember that love is everlasting and pain comes and goes, and can be somewhat succumbed. So, I went from DJ Sammy to Pure Pop – “The Boyz Strike Back” and was listening to songs which again, hold great personal memories. Such as Westlife – “If I Let You Go” and Backstreet Boys – “Drowning”, but by the end of the week, I was turning to my Hindi remixes and burnt a CD especially to listen to them. The problem is that as I only, like a selection of Hindi songs, I was hunting high and low to find the songs and burn a special CD for my car! There are times when you look at someone’s website and it takes your breath away. There is one person, who I know will be reading this. Who has the ability to push the goal posts out beyond the realms of belief. His website, DemonNet Productions continues to show off his web design talents in various ways and its great that he is finally finding the time to update the site regularly. Check out Sippy’s Uni website and let the guy, Sibtain Bandali, know what you think of the site. I know I will be… 🙂 Other exciting news – my website has just recently smashed the 2000 visitor mark. I now have over 30 visitors a week and some 120 plus visitors a month and the site continues to grow from strength to strength. I can’t belief its nearly the end of the month! I starting to wonder, where all the time has been going? The football season, is over, with the final playoffs taking place this weekend. A dull time for any football fan, while you are left in a bit of bewildered desert, waiting for that Saturday in mid August, when the roller coaster season starts all over again! 🙂

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