Friday 6th June 2003

Normal service resumed, well to some extent at least. The last couple of weeks have been extremely hectic, and I have not been able to dedicate the time my website deserves. So I am making up for it now, with a major update, on various levels and regarded a wide range of content of the site. So let’s start and get this show on the road.

England played their friendly, warm up game before the Euro 2004 Qualifier against Slovakia next week. Overall, it was quite an average performance by the team, giving the opposition of Serbia Montenegro. When Gerrard scored, I thought that this would signal, an onslaught of the Central European teams goal mouth. However, this was not the case, and Serbia, to their credit muscled their way back into the game. Winning a corner, and England’s lapse in concentration giving away a disappointing goal. Such incidents should not happen at international level, and are more common on a school playfield. However, with Mr. Eriksson ringing the changes at half-time, it lead to a exciting game, unlike in previous friendlies when all ten outfield players are substituted. A player, who I feel deserved more time on the field, out in the Far East, came on and scored an amazing goal from a free-kick. I suppose, it wasn’t too bad, taking into account, that our Free-Kick Specialist, was unavailable for selection 🙂 So looking forward to the qualifier on Wednesday evening. England should beat them, and beat them well.

I went to see The Matrix Reloaded on Wednesday evening (4th June) and was completely blown away. It is one of those films that has been experienced on the big screen, purely to give the film justice. Visually, it was absolutely stunning, and the story provides multiply points for consideration. If you consider the film in relation to the Animatrix series that has been screened late into the night on five, there are even more questions that remained unanswered. All this, keeping us fans anticipating the “Matrix Revelations” out in November. Oh well, only some eleven months to wait…

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