Thursday 25th March 2004

Do you sometimes take a step away from your life and wonder if this actually happening to you? I have been doing this several times recently. Not exactly sure why I have been reflecting, maybe because time is passing me by quicker than ever expected. These final few weeks of University life are not allowing for many people to take that vital step back and reflect. I think it is important to do this once in a while, even if there is the hectic call of headlines and deadlines. “The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.” -Harold Taylor If this sentiment is true, then there is some sense of achievement for me. For the end of this year will bring with it great achievement. I know, because it means perhaps more to my family, than it means to me alone. More important than achievement itself is sharing. Sharing your achievement is very important. I know when that sunny day comes in July, there are many faces that should be there, but are not. Some are looking on from the heavens above. Others are far from my thoughts, although I wish they were in some way, happy for me. I know it shouldn’t matter. For they are no longer my friends and it shouldn’t be like this. I am not sure why it is, it just is. Maybe, just maybe with greater achievement and deeper reflection, it will all make sense. Time will tell.

If my life was a music video, it would be “Take On Me”, by A-ha. In less than 4 minutes, you can see all my feelings unfold on the screen. Why? Simple, I find the girl, the ‘one’. We share a brief moment of happiness and joy. Then along comes the villan of the piece and we both have to flee. I let you go, knowing I too will be gone in a day or two. The girl will be gone and I will be left alone, with only the memories.

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