Sunday 21st March 2004

Arsenal continue on course for that Premiership title and only one source can bring together the views and feelings of being a Gooner at this moment in time. The funny thing is, I do not even know his name. I suppose it is better that way. Just look what happened to the Baghdad Blogger, once he suddenly had a face in the media spotlight. ArseBlog is the place I go, not just for post and pre-match analysis, but almost daily to get my daily dosage of the red army. Not much else to report, I’m afraid. Easter holidays are only two weeks away and I’m looking forward to being back in Wycombe. Got to write my dissertation and then prepare for the last exams of my life. Well last exams for the foreseeable future.

Not sure about the future. Yes, I’m staying the obvious here, but feel very unsure of my own personal future. My mind is here with me in Leicester, but my heart is many miles away. I know that next month is crucial in deciding the future for me and setting forth the next path of my travels. As always, I shall do my utmost to remain on the righteous path and remain true to myself.

Regrets are such strange things. I have never met someone who has none. The day I do, I will indeed, take their hand and say, “well done, but how, how did you do it?”. There are those that live for the moment, happy go lucky individuals whom make the most of the opportunities that are placed before them. Then, there is the rest of us. I read on a website dedicated to this subject that, “there is nothing worse in life than all those missed chances”. How true can a phrase be. Regrets fall into two categories though, following a recent discussion with a friend at Uni. There are the regrets we have for non-action, for not making the most of the opportunity placed before us. There other type of regret is much more negative. Regretting the course of action that we took and how things turned out in the end. My life of regret tends to fall into the first category. Regret for my lack of action. I never thought this would bother me as much as it does now. I suppose as I come to the end of University and a realisation that the real ‘bad’ world beckons. I came to the understanding that the opportunity or rather opportunities I have thrown away, shall never surface again. We are rarely given a second chance. Have I just blown mine?

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