Sunday 28th March 2004

Another weekend drifts by. A thought that warms my heart and brings a smile to my face is the fact that I will be home this time next week. A pleasant cosy prospect, I must admit.

Not much else to report really, life continues, as it should. Excited about going home, meeting up with my friends and being at ‘home’. I know the time will fly by very quickly. Just like Christmas did. I know, but I try not to think about the passage of time. Just try my best to enjoy the moment. Sometimes, that is very hard for me.

I have joined many forums, particularly in the past few months. However, I have no avatar and my signature is only a few brief words. These words are ridiculed by my peers and friends for being far too naïve. Mainly because I am stating the obvious. I personally never feel the phrase to be obvious or not required the need, to ever be mentioned. I sometimes think we all as human beings lose focus, and the phrase brings everything back into perspective. To find out the phrase I am referring to you need to do some thinking yourself! The reason I mentioned this is because I want to create an online persona. Back in the early days of my time on the net, I called myself ‘The Shadow’. This is after the highly underrated and unknown superhero, from the 1930s. To carry out your own research, you need the help of Google. Or of course, check out The Shadow In Review. The film came to my attention when I went to see it on my 13th birthday in 1994. I went to see the movie at the Virgin Multiplex in Slough. Suddenly I was obsessed with the character, and too wanted to discover, “What evil lurks inside the hearts of men…”. Now, being more mature and more ‘visible’ on the net, I feel I need to create a new persona in these forums. I want to base it around the ‘saying’, but build images, views and a whole mentality around it. Then, when I enter these forums I can take on the guise of this superhero. Maybe I’m asking too much. We shall see. I will make it a pet project of mine over the summer. However, if you do find anything out there of interest, please get in touch.

Arsenal, were minutes away from beating Manchester United and completely destroying their title aspirations. I know that I feel, like many other Gunner’s fans out there, this evening. Not as disappointed as I would, if we had lost to the old enemy, but more of a whimper of what could have been. As usual, ArseBlog, puts the words in the right places and explains how I feel to a T! 🙁

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