Monday 29th March 2004

My friend Daz, asks me on Friday, as he does most Friday’s for an album. Of course I can not go into detail, on how I ‘obtained’ this album. The album in question was “Ride Da Riddims 2”. It should ring a bell, because it is one of the many television advertised albums. As always, I tracked it down and downloaded it over the weekend. When it comes to my music I have very high standards. All audio has to be encoded in MP3 formatted at a bit rate of 192 kilobits per second. My naming convention is also very strict, using a tight, track number, artist and title sequence. I hate the way certain ‘collectives’ out there on the web decided to fill the comment part of the ID3 Tags with their signatures or URL’s. This has to be removed too. I also have both version 1 and version 2 of the MP3s tag. The main reason for this is that the MP3 player in my car, only works with the first version, while WinAmp automatically selects the latest tag for all display and playlist information. Sometimes I get lucky and there are other audio enthusiasts out there like me, who believe in the same naming conventions. Although I have to admit this can be quite rare. On other occasions, I get the worst luck and the individual mp3 files are themselves unnamed. It takes a quick visit to Amazon, to discover the full tracklisting. Once this has been done, I begin listening to tracks that appear to be ‘interesting’. On this occasion, I selected a track featuring Beenie Man on vocals. As the dance hall ‘riddims’ kicked in, I instantly put the volume up. The main vocals filled my room and within a flash, my mind drifts to my car. The heat of the summer… I am in my car, with the song pumping, sunglasses on and as I drive, I take in the views… 😀

My daydreams ends, and I am back in Leicester. I know my blog roll is not spectacular in terms of featuring any breathtaking blogs, but it does feature an award-winning blog. A Teenager Blogs, was the gold standard. I aspired to have a blog of quality and content. He seemed to take ideas I had for my blog a few stages further. Such as labelling each entry, not merely by the date, but by some song lyrics which reflect the entry as a whole. However, I sadly discover that Max has decided to stop blogging. He had taken a small break a few weeks ago, but due to the immense pressure from his regularly visitors, he was brought out of retirement, somewhat prematurely. He therefore came back with a few entries, but they lacked that unique touch that had become his trademark. Then, we discover that he has found a meaning for his life and nolonger has a need to blog. I do admire him for taking this step. However, he is young. He will learn that he will want to blog again, later in his life. Having started blogging and been successfully blogging for over a year I can clearly say that I can never see a time in my life when I will stop. It is not the addictive drug factor of the phenomenon. It is more of the therapeutic nature of my entries. It enables me to think out loud, with a world of strangers and let them come to some conclusions with regards to my life and my circumstances. I know in the future that blogging may be moulded differently with different technologies, particularly mobile technology. However, my will and my determination are thus. I shall never, never stop blogging. I am not going to abandon my weblog, because of some great realisation or answer appearing in my life. On the contrary, I will share it on my blog. I shall share it with all of you.

You Mean The World Me, Through Thick And Thin
You Take A Part Of Me Wherever You’ve Been,
Don’t Give Up, I’ve Messed Up
I’d Give Into The Fight You Trust In Me
You Love Me, Taught Me To Believe In Me
How Can I Tell You, That Girl I Know Your Good.

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