Sunday 30th May 2004

As a general rule, I try to blog, as soon after the event as possible. However, you must understand that this is not always possible. This weekend, has been one of those moments. I tend to have a strange blog. When there is nothing of great interest going on, I blog regularly and almost erratically. The moment, my schedule becomes just slightly busy, I find it difficult to find the time to blog. My weekend plans changed dramatically from a quiet weekend, maybe going to the cinema with my housemates. Instead, on Friday, I decided, on the advice or rather encouragement of my Dad, to go to the NEC for The Sunday Times Motor Show Live. I was hoping to convince one of my friends to go, but at such sort notice (around seven hours) I cannot really blamed them. So, this is just a very quick update on the points I will discuss in my next entry (at some point tomorrow evening, hopefully!)
  • Motor Show Review (including over 120 photos!)
  • BullRing, Birmingham reaction
  • Journey home with a difference
  • Return to Wycombe
  • Job hunting progress
  • As you can see, loads of things to cover and many things for me to deal with offline. Hope to bring you all the latest very very soon.

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