Monday 31th May 2004

Firstly, I wish to extend my deepest apologises to many of my friends. The last few days, and this holiday weekend just past, have been extremely hectic. I have tried my best to keep in touch with everyone and let them know what is going on. I know this has not always been possible, therefore, I would like to use my blog to make this brief announcement. I am sorry to anyone, who feels I have not been a good friend to them in the past week or so. A friend commented, that I had forgotten all the ‘little people’. This is not the case at all. I have not forgotten anyone, it just has been hard to find the time to reply to e-mails, texts and of course e-mails. With this apology, I would subsequently like to add, that I will be making a renewed effort to get in touch with everybody (and I do mean, everybody) over the course of the next few days.

Not been able to spend the amount of time I would have liked on my website today. I am currently going through all the images from the Motor Show. There are 160 in total. I want to bring them down to a reasonable number, and then upload a selection of the best. Edited, cropped and re-sized only eight so far. Hope to have the album added and the current albums updated by the end of the week. But please, don’t hold me to that deadline.

So how do I add a final note for Leicester? The city holds so many great memories for me, that it is difficult at times to realise, the significance of the decision to go to the Midlands to study.

Closure is important in all of our lives. It is important to know that there is a need to move on. What is more difficult to grasp is the opportune moment to do so. This will not be my final entry on Leicester, because there is so much more the city holds for the future. Sometimes words are just not enough, and a picture paints the scene, in a more powerful and dramatic fashion. A new day, has come.

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