Monday 2nd May 2005

May already? Where is this year going to? Time is free flowing and at times, as one day passing into a next, I seem to forget that it is 2005 and I turn, 24 this year. The summer is soon to be upon us and with that comes those special moments that only the hot weather can bring.

Funnily enough, as fate would have it, almost exactly a year ago, I was discussing a film. Well, not the film specifically but one of the famous songs from the musical. The film is shown annually on terrestrial television, during the festive period. Last year, I had noted down, in the Radio Times when it would be on Channel 4, but never found the time to sit down and watch the spectacular showcase. Never mind, there would be plenty of opportunity to catch it again sometime soon. That opportunity would not surface again, until last night. While grabbing some food, I sat down to surf around the channels to find something worth watching. When my Dad is at home, he always switches the television over to TCM. I am not of the vintage to enjoy watching the classics of his era, just yet. However, last night, I did take the step, as there was very little else being shown on the other Sky Movie channels. To my delight, I was able to catch the opening credits to West Side Story. Finally, I came to realise why this had been such a successful movie and why everyone of a certain age has always recommend it to me. I wish I had the time to watch the film in full, but had to rename content with just watching my favourite number. Just think, if the BBC had not decided to use this as the title music to their World Cup coverage in 1994, I may never have heard the song, consequently the brilliance that is Romeo & Juliet, circa 1950.

Nothing else to report I’m afraid. Looking forward to the West Brom play Arsenal in the Premiership as we fight for 2nd place. As much as I hate Chelsea, I suppose they deserved to win the title. Not sure if it is refreshing to see another team, apart from Manchester United gain the championship. Just wondering how long I can avoid Chelsea fans at work. Bad enough them winning the league, they still have a hand on the Champions League. Although, they are foolish, very foolish to think they will dominant the league for the next ten years. Dream on. There is more to success than the odd rouble.

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