Wednesday 4th May 2005

The big day is tomorrow, and finally after what seems like a lifetime, but was only four weeks of campaigning, or rather electioneering. The only breakthrough in this election has been the blog going from the past time of geek’s and social outcasts to the forefront of the news providing, even news making process. The BBC got in there with their Election Weblog. The dish served here was more entertainment in the form of the odd slice of apple pie, occasional with some double cream. While the old hands put their hands to a much more deserving cause, the Guardian Election Blog using FlickR and the Folksonomic Zeitgeist. I am looking forward to casting my vote. This is the first election, when I will be able to practice true democracy. In 2001, I place a postal vote as I was studying at University. I also happened to be more interested and less confused as the residents of the Newsnight Student House. Do people not know that people died for this right? It should been seen as a privilege and not wasted. For once in your life, taking part actually counts! My polling cards are on my desk, waiting for tomorrow and I intend to take the stroll down to the Community Centre as soon as I get home tomorrow evening around 6.20pm. I just hope Friday morning is as a new dawn, as it is a new day.

As you would expect, the Singing In The Rain Remix, as featured on the VW Golf GTI, The Original, Updated television commercial, will be released next month. The song is by Mint Royale and is actually worth listening to. Just a shame that the television spot ruins it for your imagination. Just read my thoughts on this betrayal by the German car manufacturer from February. Still waiting for some of the anthems, that will define this year and more importantly, the summer. If you hear anything that deserves a listen, please get in touch.

I really need to get myself out of this strange mood, I found myself in. The time away from work, away from the professional environment, I fall into oppressed mood of chasing a dream, an infatuation. While, in the past such feelings would not have been as difficult to bear, this is different. The lack of immediacy, makes knowing where I stand, knowing if my feelings are reciprocated, is an uphill struggle. Yet, I continue, to go against my better judgment and pursue my dream. While, at this stage, I can learn to live with being patient, in time, perhaps this will be the one thing that consumes me and destroys me? Who knows what the future holds? I just wish, there was a way to read someone’s mind?

Talking of which. Hold on, let me start from the beginning. My friends may have unrestricted internet access at work, I tend to force control upon myself. There is only one professional blog I visit while in the office. Sure, it would be tempting to visit my daily blogs (as listed on my blog roll) but I prefer to save that reading for the moment my PC at home boots up. Plus, many of the blogs I read, would not be suitable to read in the work place. News Blog from those fantastic people at the Guardian is a fantastic resource. Not just the headline news of the day, but quirky stories from around the world, and a daily photograph from the days news. Yesterday, this gem was listed but has of today been pulled by eBay. So therefore you will have to believe me and settle for this link pick. I know you won’t believe me, but a man was selling a mind reading machine, similar to that worn by Doctor Brown.

Better go watch the final episode of the Apprentice. Just so I can have a conversation with Sippy tomorrow. Otherwise he will just ignore me. Expect his response on his blog, sometime later this week, but I think it will finish with a bang!

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