Let It Snow

I find it very interesting how this country deals with snow. The climate changes to this extreme, once in a decade, but even so, it is known to happen so you would think Local Authorities would be a little better prepared. The weather took a turn for the worst, as I left work around 6pm on Monday. I had to take some rather blurred images on my E65. The whole of Cressex appeared to be at a standstill.


For the next two hours I went on a bit of a mission, rather than just going home! My sister had run out of diesel (which I only discovered once I put on my phone) so I went back to ASDA bought her a jerry can and then headed up to the ASDA petrol station to find her (she was queueing somewhere by the Empire cinema). In the end, we missed each other and she just parked her car in the ASDA car park and we walked home, slowly, very slowly. There was an old chap on John Hall Way, helping people move their cars and we joined in to help move a few cars. This poor chap fell over flat on his face and I went to go back to check he was okay but he appeared unfazed and just carried on helping. One of those good samaritans that does not ask for any recognition. I think it was around 8pm by the time we eventually got home.

On Tuesday, I had planned for my annual shopping trip with my friend Clive. This would be the first time since 2001 that we would not be going on a shopping trip together. Instead, I opted to walk into town with my sister, Natalie. Desborough Avenue was closed, so we walked in the middle of the road, all the way down to the town centre. Sachin called me on the way down and we caught up for a while. He was luckily off on holiday in the next few days to sunnier climbs. I would call him back later to have a proper conversation, it was difficult trying to concentrate on the road and the conversation. When we got into town, we discovered what we had suspected, no buses were running, the roads were just too treturous. The town was very busy considering, I suppose some people had decided to drive, the fools! We had quite a few jobs to get done, first HSBC, then the Royal Mail Sorting Office (which was open), Argos and then Next and River Island. We had a nice warm lunch of jacket potatoes and soup in the House of Fraiser Cafe. The final shops in our journey were Boots, then Shoe Zone (so my sister could by some appropriate boots), Waterstones, Wilkinsons and HM Samuel. I wanted to take a look at the Casio watch which is featured in Avatar and also get the price. Then ring my friend Dave in Wrexham and see what discount he can get me. Our parents came to pick us up, behind the old Library (what are the council going to do with it I do not know!). This was great, as I did not really like the prospect of walking up Desborough Avenue in the slush, but then most likely would have battled through. On Wednesday and Thursday (Christmas Eve) I was working back at the supermarket. My hours were 12pm – 8pm and 8am until 5pm respectively, with hard work stacking shelves. Today we started clearing the Seasonal area, Christmas was officially over in the eyes of the supermarket chain. This turned into a very humbling experience and I had a new appreciation for people that work in these jobs, beyond the age of 21. (It was in 2002 that I left my job at Jacksons Stores in Leicester, before starting work on my so called real career). I had a last few bits to buy before heading home, I bought some Christmas bags (for Wine) and a Remote Control Surge Adapter. I think I better explain this purchase, it ensures that you actually power off devices in the lounge, rather than leave them on standby. Will save us a fortune on electricity bills. Back at the house, I had to rush over to Thame to do the gift exchange with Clive before heading home. I was looking forward to Christmas Day, even though the circumstances were very different. Come the morning, I would be back unemployed again, not a great thought to have on the most Wonderful Day Of The Year!

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