You’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Snow is a very interesting weather condition and it is funny watching the human response to the white stuff. A few years ago, we would have just soldiered on with our lives but this time around, many decided to not bother and just stay in. I did not have such a novelty to fall back on. I had to get into town to get my haircut and I opted to wait to catch the 100 Park & Ride bus into the town centre. I had almost given up hope, until I saw another Arriva service, heading past (on the way to the depot) when the driver slowed down and told me that that 100 service was running. It was about twenty minutes later that I was on the bus, surveying the damage to the rest of my home town. Obviously the conditions as they were, the journey took a lot longer than the normal five minutes but I was glad to be at the bus station in one piece and headed to the barbers. Most shops were closed so I did not feel I would get a chance to have my haircut. However the old Gent’s Barber was open and I popped in. Two guys ahead of me but with only the owner working, I had a wait. I read The Daily Mail, which told me of the chaos across the country. Wycombe and South Bucks had got off likely (apparently). After my haircut, I had to get a few small gifts and cards from Clinton Cards (something I do every year). I caught the 12:35pm bus back home, nineteen minutes later, I was home, had a shower, had some lunch and then rushed to work, it was time to start. I worked from 2pm until 10pm, which would be the latest I would work over my time at the supermarket. I had my break at 6pm, time for an early dinner before completing my shift at 10pm. I headed home to firstly watch Friday Night With Jonathan Ross and then Eastenders (thanks to Sky+).

I woke up at 7:30am, to discover that we had no hot water or heating, not good, but my Dad was on the case. My room had become the coldest in the house, a title normally set upon my sister’s room upstairs. I rushed to get ready and then headed to work for 8am, I felt better with the thought that I finished at 3pm. I was looking forward to my trip into London in the evening but there was some minor missions to complete before then. I had my lunch at midday and worked the festive area for most of the day. Christmas toys, cards, novelty gifts, decorations and lights. I do not really need to go into the details, but after lunchtime, I was pretty much clock watching. Counting down the hours until I was free. At 3pm prompt, I left the store and headed home to change but I had to come back to the store. A colleague wanted to borrow my copy of The Office. I had the full DVD set (although not box set) of series one, two and the Christmas specials. I lent this to them and then dashed for the bus to the train station. I was in a rush to meet my friend at the station and then head off into the West End.

We caught the 16:53 train directly to London Marylebone and then the tube to Piccadilly Circus before walking the last few hundred yards to Leicester Square. It was very busy, particularly with a funfair taking place on the square itself. We got some food and then headed to the Odeon, it was time to watch Avatar. Could this be the most anticipated movie in the history of cinema? Maybe, but would it live up to the hype?

Our seats were in the Royal Circle, right at the front. I felt it was rather inappropriate for the guests to my left to have taken off their shoes (first cardinal sin) and then go as far as put their feet up on the balcony edge. Do people have no respect when out in public anymore, this is not your living room? This is where Royalty sits for the World Premieres! That was a minor irritation in the grand scheme of things, the movie was about to start. This was apparently going to be the movie experience of not just the year but the decade. I had my 3D glasses on, tight over my own spectacles. It was amazing to watch and the colours, landscapes, the attention to detail was at another level. You had flies (or the Pandora equivalent creatures) flying across the screen. I was most impressed with the visuals, the story, however, was rather predictable, but even so, it was still an enjoyable ride. Plenty going on to keep you hooked.

Sam Worthington has become a mega-star in just the small leap from two movies. Although I hope for his sake he does not get type cast, I am sure he could play the villain as good (if not as better) as he plays the hero. It is only by visiting his Wikipedia page that I have discovered he was born in England. A possible future James Bond? I am not too sure but we shall see.

You should consider this movie very much fantasy science fiction, rather than science fiction first and foremost. It does try to not get bogged down in the technology and the plot is easy to understand and follow. Yes, perhaps it was rather long but I think you have to make the most of your visit to Pandora. I enjoyed the ride, Cameron is an excellent story teller and his delivery is usually always spot on. If I had any gripe, it would be for the final battle scene to big bigger and greater than it actually was, but then this is Jake Sully’s story and I should not try to push the influence of Lucas and his Star Wars saga.

I cannot believe how busy Leicester Square was. Sure it was a Saturday night but with only a handful of days left until the big day, I thought people would have better things to do, like save their money. I was really thirsty, so grabbed my first ever frappuccino. It was mango flavoured and gave me an instant brain freeze, but I did not really care, although being in the West End I did have some other options I could have chosen at 11pm. We walked back to the tube station and ended home. I had really enjoyed the movie, the experience, and the event, it had truly blown me away. For once the movie had lived up to the hype but then if you have been working on something that has been in your mind for thirteen years (if not more) then you expect to give the audience something special to take home with them.

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