Friday 16th June 2006

Well I made it to Friday, there was a slight wobble midweek but we made it. It has been a few days since my last entry and I have been thinking of what to write about. The World Cup has been dominating everything and perhaps the reason I find myself struggling to come out of bed in the mornings is the late highlights show on BBC1. It is all worth it and I do have the long straw in comparison to my friend in the Far East. Daniel has to watch the late evening game in the early hours of the following morning, around 3am! Then wake up a few hours later to go into University. It must be a tough life, but perhaps as he was in the ‘right’ time zone last time around. I have been speaking to him briefly on MSN while at work and commenting on the games (his personal message changes to comment on the most recent match). I love the World Cup, but so do another couple of billion people around this planet.

I should really mention England but there has not been written or said already. Ultimately there are more questions than answers. The team have one last chance to get everything together against Sweden on Tuesday evening. I sincerely hope that Sven has the bottle to bring Walcott on. After all, putting him in the squad last minute took some guts, surely he deserves a twenty minute run out.

YouTube is very addictive. Life threateningly so. You can search for one thing and end up watching a completely different amateur video made by some guys from Hong Kong and filmed on their college campus. I was curious to find what results would appear for the search of “take on me” my favourite (and arguably the people’s) music video of all time. Among all the versions of the video available to view, there was a rare original version before the remix and animated version with which we are all know and love. You can understand why it did not sell many copies. I continued scrolling down the pages and found a gem. The one and only Kanye West dancing to Take On Me at his live performances (he performed it at several on a recent world tour). But this is not the smooth movies we all love him for, but the Carlton dance. Enjoy, but trust me, you will find it hard to close your web browser.

This is the first World Cup with blogging at the forefront of all the action. While the BBC blog (will someone please explain to Gary what it means and what they are) is fantastic, I prefer reading some of the amauteur blogs out there. In particular, My Sofa World Cup discussion every aspect of the tournament including some of the poor television commentary and analysis. There are other blogs out there, but some of the best are linked from the BBC World Cup blog.

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