Sunday 11th June 2006

This is just the life. Three World Cup matches on a day. Fantastic. I had a proper ‘bloke’ weekend with the only other bloke with me this weekend, being my cousin two months short of being one years old. I watched the England game (at home). I was thinking of going to Canary Wharf but opted against it and feel I made the right decision. Then at full time I went to clean the car in the afternoon sunshine. It was very hot but it was great to get outside and off the couch. It had been over two weeks since I cleaned the car and although it wasn’t really dirty, it needed a tidy. It was great to get the whole family outside in the shade on the front garden and just sit down and relax. I had an hour because I wanted to watch the second game of the day on ITV1. My timing was perfect, the car was hoovered, the interior and exterior windows cleaned and mats brushed down within fifty minutes. I came inside, got myself an ice cold drink and sat down for the next match. Sweden versus Trinidad & Tobago. Classic stuff. Then we had Doctor Who, another thrilling episode, even though I missed last weekend’s first part. Some of the special effects were worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. Then straight afterwards we had perhaps the best game of the tournament so far, Argentina versus Ivor Coast. People who don’t like football must be dredging the next five weeks. Can there ever been such a thing as too much football? No, never.

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