Welcome to the Future

As a young kid watching Back To The Future Part II at the UCI Wycombe Six with my family back in late 1989, the concept of 2015, seemed so far in the distance. When we are younger, our understanding of time has not quite fully developed and years and decades are difficult to comprehend. (Mainly […]

Tuesday 1st January 2008

With a new year, comes great promise. Quite a substantial amount of work too, behind the scenes here at T3G:2 to reorganise the archives. I thought I would make use of this time to give the pages a little clear up with some more suitable renaming. It had to be done, updates from 2004, does […]

Thursday 1st January 2004

So a new year is upon us. What will 2004 bring? What did I achieve in 2003? Looking back it was very much a ‘filler’ year. There was the transition between placement back to University which went quite smoothly in the end. Apart from that what did I achieve? What did I gain? Tackling these […]

Wednesday 1st January 2003

I would like to wish all visitors to my site, both old and new, best wishes and great success for the coming new year. So, looking back at 2002, and looking forward with great optimism to 2003. The previous year, has been fantastic. At the end of 2001, which had been quite a bad year, […]