Saturday 1st January 2005

It appears that I, like many others of you celebrated the arrival of the new year, a second late. Thanks once again to Diamond Geezer for carrying out full in depth research on the fact that new technology takes longer to process than the good old fashion antiques from the last century. Further investigation shows the other holes in the broadcasting technology.

For many of us, this is a new start, a fresh year with a clean slate. Yet, the somber start to 2005 with our thoughts far from home. With the death toll climbing to unprecedented levels. With an opportunity for us all to make a difference. Keeping up with the latest on events has meant switching from the conventional resource to the more personal power of community. The web becoming an easily accessible international rescue. The angel of deliverance brings home to many families, friends across the globe with detailed entry on Wikipedia. This is one of those world events that will live long in the memory of those that it affected most, but will become my JFK moment. Impossible comparison, I agree but the magnitude of the events is equal, to a certain extend. Just like the passing of a member of the royal family or head of state. A charity record looks to be on the drawing board hoping to raise some £2 million.

It is difficult to connect with the suffering of so many. The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic. That saying may well have rung true many years ago but in the age of blanket media coverage, we find ourselves, sharing in the grief, if not agreeing with the portrayal.

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