Stella Won’t You Take Me Home

I knew Friday was going to be mad rush and I should have prepared better but this was a Bank Holiday Weekend at a muddy music festival, not everything has to or particularly can ever go according to plan. I woke up around 7:30am and while enjoying some music television, decided on my plan for […]

Reading Festival: The Mud Strikes Back!

This is only my second time at my local rock music festival but you could be fooled into thinking I was some kind of veteran, giving advice to my girlfriend and her brother, Steve. Of course, the reality is that I just was very well prepared by my friends last year. Although 2009 (as long […]

Triple Booked

It is the realisation of my popularity, to discover that next weekend I am in fact triple booked. Originally it was just my friend Bhavna’s wedding in Leicester. (I say “just” but I am sure she does not see it as just another weekend!) However, in recent months (just before I went off on holiday) […]

Sunday 20th September 2009

The US TV season is back in full swing and I now have a long list of television shows to watch, which take up most of the evenings in the week. GREEK obviously started first at the end of August but that has been joined by Heroes and The Big Bang Theory. We also have […]

Friday 26th June 2009

I had kept my emotions in check for the majority of the day, the whole working day in fact. Even when I had seen the newspaper headlines on the stand in the Tesco Metro, Northbrook Street. However, as I left the office at 17:04, this afternoon I received a heartfelt message from my fifteen year […]