Take On Me?

Went to Wembley Arena tonight to see a-ha perform the last UK leg of their world tour. More than this, it was also their last performance as a group on these shores. A few more dates remain in Norway next month and then a-ha will be no more. I last saw them perform, almost exactly five years ago, when they opened the European leg of their Analogue tour at the NEC Birmingham.


Michelle had been generous enough to purchase the tickets for me way back in April and the whole trip was my birthday gift! We had a early dinner over at The Little Bay in Farrington before catching the tube over to Wembley Arena. It was eerielly quiet as we made our way down from Wembley Central tube station. It was not until we got outside the concert venue that we saw other fans of the 1980s new wave band queuing up in the cold. It was going to be a very civilised affair, a change of atmosphere for Michelle. “If this was an Oasis gig, we would be pooring beer over each other love!”. Well, welcome to my world, is all that I could say in response. Yes, the crowd were (on average) older and it was a celebration and fond farewell to a super group!

After the rather poor American warm up act, we got on to the main event around 8:30pm. I was looking forward to the show and they did not disappoint, opening with The Sun Always Shines On TV.

I did not bring my camera, so only had my HTC Desire to use (which Michelle borrowed to take some photos and videos). I will not bother uploading any as they were not very good, out of focus and very poor angles. Instead, I had a look on FlickR and found some good ones! My personal highlights were The Living Daylights and Take On Me which was used to close the show and bring to an end the European leg of their tour. Next weekend, would be their final few dates in Oslo and then a-ha finally would be no more. A sad moment for me and millions of other a-ha fans across the globe, but at least I had the chance to see them End Of A High Note!

aha - Wembley Arena, 27th November 2010aha - Wembley Arena, 27th November 2010

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