Triple Booked

It is the realisation of my popularity, to discover that next weekend I am in fact triple booked. Originally it was just my friend Bhavna’s wedding in Leicester. (I say “just” but I am sure she does not see it as just another weekend!) However, in recent months (just before I went off on holiday) Nige’s stag do got moved to the same weekend. On top of this, I also have my girlfriend Michelle’s brother Steve’s birthday barbecue in Langley to attend on the Saturday. To begin with, I was trying to see if I could go to the wedding on the Saturday morning and miss the evening festivities and drive down to the camping location. This was not going to be a major problem if the venue for the camping had been Swanage. However it changed to Newquay and it would have been impossible for me to make the trip (logistically and also just humanly impossible to drive that long and then go out on the tiles!). Pav (the designated best man on this occasion) told me to just forget any idea of the Leicester wedding. I did not want to let my dear friend Bhavna down. We had talked about her wedding day almost non-stop since she had set a date a few years ago. Now I was missing her big day and I felt like a fool. Sure, perhaps it is a case of sorting out my priorities and I should miss the stag do weekend. Wedding Invitation In the end, I apologised profusely to Bhavna, both on MSN and then lately using the good old fashioned dog and bone. She understood my dilemma and although gutted I would not be there, she gave her somewhat mixed blessing. I still felt extremely bad but promised I would make it up to her and arrange to meet up as soon as possible. Either I would be up in Leicester (as I was in the city in October last year) or we could meet when she was next down in London or the South East. I feel sorry for Pav, trying to organise this stag do, which has turned into his own very personal nightmare. It is difficult to organise our own group of friends at the best of times, but add into the mix Nige’s group of friends takes the game to another level. Although I have to commend Pav for his patience, although you have to say if he can organise several snow boarding trips abroad and nights out clubbing in London this stag do shouldn’t be that much of a challenge. Well the proposed venue, went on a little tour around the country, it was originally camping in Swanage (something Nige was keen to do) then over to a crazy weekend in Newquay. This hit the buffers, when we could not find accommodation and discovered there was a surfing event on that weekend. Next stop on this magical mystery tour was Bournemouth, I was keen on this, as I had been out there recently had had local friends there in the form of Steve and Tim. They would let us know which places a stag group could get in to or not. However, in the past week, the venue changed once again and I thought hopefully for the last time. As many of the group could not come down to for the Friday evening so it was quickly turning into a single day / single night affair. In some cases, even the day was cut short, as they were working until 4pm or later on the Saturday night. It is not really a stag with five guys trying to do an activity, such as paint-balling (never mind the increase in cost per a man). In an executive decision Pav decided to move the event once more to Oxford. There was also a self motivated reason behind this decision, he would be working on the Sunday, and being closer to office helped. Now it was a case of sorting out the activity, which was down to karting in Oxford but we could not get enough people to confirm. By Thursday the slot we had looked into (4:30pm on the Saturday) would have already gone. You snooze you lose in this game. Now it was down to Khural to pull a rabbit out of the hat, I am was unsure if he could at even more short notice. The venue has been set, Swindon F1 Karting. Oh the irony, I might as well just sleep in my office on Friday night or alternatively binge on Red Bull and stay up all Friday working on various reports and then go karting in the town later on Saturday afternoon. Right that reminds me, I better go and transfer over my karting funds or Khural will be on my case via the Facebook messaging system. Not a pretty sight, trust me! Now I am just wondering if there will be a window of opportunity for me to be able to get to Steve’s barbecue for a quick meet and greet before bombing it down the M4 to Swindon. Oh to be boring, unpopular and ugly. Well I suppose two out of three ain’t bad!

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  • Michelle Reply

    Your self deprecating nature is utterly charming but in this case you are grossly inaccurate! I wouldn’t use boring & ugly to describe you.

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