Wednesday 9th April 2003

I suppose, I’ve almost reached a moment in my life, that years ago, I thought would be 100% unattainable. But then, I think tomorrow morning, I’ll begin, to a certain extent to, ‘Live The Dream’. The dream, goes back to the summer of 1999, but ultimately, the autumn of that year. To read how I felt about the dream then, click here.

I don’t suppose, many of you can recall a commercial, or rather television advertisement off the top of your head? Well, back then the Fiat Punto (mark 1) was coming towards the end of its production life, and the Italian car manufacturer, was keen to clear out its last stock, that year. How would they make this a sure sell with the British, car buying public? They would bring create the ultimate dream for both the male and females of the world. Location, location, location – there could be only one place – the romantic Italy. The concept – summertime, girls and boys. Need I say anymore? However, the marketing guru’s at the ad firm, were missing a vital ingredient. Music! Cue, the 60s legend, Andy Williams and one of the smoothest crooners ever! The song title? Hello? There can only be one, “Music To Watch Girls By“. This song, originally from 1967, was remixed especially for the commercial. The commercial and song became so popular, that a single was released. For further on this and my other two UK single purchases, please click here.

Well, tomorrow morning, I’ll be listening to this song (full blast) and hopefully, I’ll be noticed by ‘others’ rather than just be noticing others on the street or in their cars. The irony? I’ll be driving a Mark II, Fiat Punto. The other classic moment, is a reality, but its more of a gift from the company than anything else. We shall see how the, perhaps not ‘new’ Teg, but more a re-conditioned Teg is perceived on the streets of High Wycombe, through Hazlemere past my old school, Sir William Ramsay, up into Amersham and onto the M25 and beyond….

I would like to thank Mr. Dave Maher, for his help in making my dream a reality. Onwards and upwards, as the saying goes. Still got my eye on that beautiful light blue, Fiat Stilo Abarth.

Dave: “Give it time, my son…give it time…” 🙂

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