Sunday 6th April 2003

Another weekend, slowly bites the dust… however, again my mood changes from being quite melancholy on Friday evening, to a jubilance on Sunday evening, with the long week ahead staring back at me…

Had to go into work this morning to carry out some jobs, which could only be done, with a certain ‘lack’ of user activity.

I have omitted, something very important from my last update. England’s performance against Turkey, at the Stadium of Light on Wednesday evening. This, was the true ‘test’ for Eriksson’s England, and I’m sure he is both proud and delighted with the performance. It was great to see such a passionate performance from the young gun, Rooney. As the commentators, fanatically say, “He’s one for the future…” But let us not take anything away from the Evertonian. The boy, “done good”. Turkey are by far the toughest opponents in our group, but then I’m sure they will seek revenge on their home turf later in the campaign.

I have to mention my format dilemma again. I have now, got so used to the MP3 CD format, that I have partially neglected the great CD. I’m going to burn a few more .cda extension files in the coming future, because there is still plenty of life left in the format! 🙂 Talking of diminishing formats, I was quite interested to read some articles in a PC magazine, that the floppy is dead! I feel that this is far from the truth. Some manufacturers, may decide to ditch the format, but then it still has a use in this day and age. Plus, in a technological era when we will soon be talking about terabytes of data. The 1.44mb floppy, can be so useful, to hold that 32k report and a few other word documents and still fit handsomely in your pocket, without crease to your suit. Something that other media formats, could never emulate. I may start a “Save The Floppy” campaign! Watch this space!

Funny, that I was talking of the Leicester’s second citizen, Mark Morrison, only on Friday and on Saturday, I noticed Kiss were doing a Story and showing all the ‘old skool’ music videos (early to mid 1990s) and there was the main man himself! That was 1996, but I remember it as if it was yesterday 🙂

Not much else to report really…

Oh yeah, nearly forgot. I’ve been asked to be David Jones’ best man at his wedding next month. Oh well, never mind….

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