Wednesday 31st October 2007

Was back at Xscape this afternoon for an hour long Level Two lesson. My instructor was John once again but I had some company in the form of Dips. He had completed level one, just the hour before. The sixty minutes were well, I made much better progress than on Monday morning. However, when John tried to bring down the slope and get me to follow his turns, I panicked and twice went straight down the slope but luckily only once ended up crashing close to the poma lift. I think it was a case of trying to turn from too high up the slope. John advised me to go up to the midway point and try from there and the run was much better. However, I needed to improve further by actually making better use of the width of the slope. I tried this but crashed once again. Second time was much better and I was able to stop in time at the bottom. A few more runs and I was gaining in confidence and eventually passed Level Two. Would I be ready to face Fast Track session on Thursday morning? Level Three and Four looked much more intense, particularly from all the aspects that needed to be completed from the record of achievement card.


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