Wednesday 24th May 2006

With the World Cup less than fifteen days away, a fantastic way to keep tabs on all the World Cup matches you dare not miss. While I could link directly to the site, hold on I have! I actually read the story over on the GU Technology blog.

Some of you may have noticed the site was down from around 11pm last night until around 7pm this evening. The reason for this is my monthly bandwidth ran out for the second time since I moved over to 123-Reg as my hosting solution. So, after some thought while in the office I have upgraded to the next level of web hosting, which gives me 250mb of space and much more bandwidth every month. Hopefully, unless this site becomes far too popular, I should never exceed the limit again. One of the causes in the recent increase in visitors, has been the inclusion of my brief review of Da Vinci Code on the Canadian news digest web site The Info Zone. The article tries to get a feel for the general response on the movie from the blogosphere. My site is steadily growing in popularity and I am sure by the end of the year more and more blogs will link to me. It would be good for the site to be on the weekly radar of avid web servers and blog readers, just like myself.

Thought I would give a quick roundup on plans for the weekend and beyond. Firstly, booked tickets yesterday for Pav and I to go see X Men 3: The Last Stand at the Vue in Reading. While they are perhaps not top of my list of favourite super heroes, the movies generally have been very good. My dear friend, Sippy is a much bigger fan of the whole franchise, but as he is spending less and less time online I doubt he will review it on his now, almost abandoned blog. He saw the first two movies at the cinema, whereas I saw the first one on DVD at University and the second on Sky Movies Saturday Premiere, during my placement year. Both movies are very good, but even so, I prefer Spiderman, Superman, Batman and even Indy before the X-Men. I suppose deep down, I will always compare with the television series, the animated cartoon, which was very good, but sadly finished in 1997, just after I had grown out of children’s television and switched over to the grown up variety. Nevertheless I am really looking forward to the movie, mainly because I just love super heroes, any super heroes and of course the first spin around in the M3 since our Germany trip at Easter, over a month ago.

Moving on, Saturday will be spent shopping, mowing the lawn and cleaning the car (if the weather holds). Sunday will be a good day (or so I hope). I am heading towards the south coast for my first ever music festival. The HiFi Music Festival has been plugged heavily by KISS 100 for the past few months and Pav is heading down with some friends and invited me along. Tickets are not cheap, but I thought for the experience I might as well go and have some fun. Although having said that my ticket hasn’t arrived yet, although a special delivery package did attempt to be delivered this morning and will hopefully be redelivered tomorrow. I will leaving Wycombe around 1pm and spending the night down there. All part of the full festival experience I am told. I will of course try and take as many photographs and come back refreshed on Monday with a full account of the day and night. Hope you have a great Bank Holiday Weekend, whatever you get up to and that the weather is kind, in your part of the world. Initial reports predicted rain in Winchester, but Pav has just sent me a link and the weather report now is quite clear and warm. The wellington boots can go off the shopping list.

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