Tuesday 27th January 2004

I got back into Leicester on Sunday. Although it was very much so, an unplanned trip home, I did enjoy spending time with my family and meeting my uncle at Heathrow. Sunday was spent in Nottingham with my sisters, and the rest of my family, enjoying what the city has to offer. Overall quality time with my family which was fantastic because it was so unexpected. Why, oh why does the weekend go by so quickly? I returned to my University city, to pick up the pieces of my weekend and try and catch up from where I had left off from Thursday. Not an easy task. This task was not made any easier when I switched on my TV to find something to casually pass a few minutes. The last channel I flicked over to was five, to instantly recognize the film that was on. I was taken back to a more innocent time of my youth. Youth perhaps is the wrong word, maybe childhood. This has been happening to be me on a regularly basis now. I was talking to my housemate, Nav about the film, Wing Commander, and how big a fan, I am. I might even make the profound statement, that I have played every single carnation of the Wing Commander series on the PC. To my amazement, BBC1 showed the film on Saturday 17th January. I have discussed with many people, my favourite movies as a child of the 80s. Sippy had agreed with me, that one of his favourite films was filled with adventure, suspense and comedy. Low and behold, five showed the fantastic Goonies. However, the fact that they had not really made the showing public, meant I missed all important beginning, and started watching the film, towards it’s final hour. A great shame indeed, and I did feel some disappointment, but hung on for the final twist and turn in the ride. I hope they show it again soon. Data, has to be my favourite character! 🙂

Arsenal pulled on the class to defeat Middlesborough, in the FA Cup on Saturday. It was a magical substitution by Arsene, to take of the Dutch master, Dennis Bergkamp and bring on youngster, David Bentley. Who, then by some act of god, or perhaps hero worship pulls of a Bergkamp style goal out of the bag. He is one for the future, but I’m sure he will get his test in the next and final battle at the Riverside. Looks like we may be facing Bolton in the Carling Cup final. If we makit that is.

Following a quick shopping trip to Asda on Friday 16th January, myself and Nav were listening to BBC Radio 2, as has now become customary, in his vehicle, a nippy Toyota Yaris. Although I do like Steve Wright, I haven’t really been a big fan. Then I wasn’t a big fan of public broadcast radio, when he was at the height of his powers in the mid 90s. However, as it slowly drew towards 5pm and the dark winter night began to set in, something made me turn up the volume. It was feature that had caught my attention. Ask Elvis, which had me and Nav in hysterics. Basically the concept is that you call in, text or e-mail with questions for the King of Rock and Roll. He then answers your questions with a mixture of insanity and humour that will make your eyes water. I am trying my best to catch his next appearance on Steve Wright’s afternoon show.

Just wanted to point you in the direction of Why The Hell? website. It continues to reflect my personal feelings, both old and new and I have nothing but sympathy for the author, Alex. His predicament is not unique, but the way in which he faces these challenges and articulates his feelings, is of great admiration. Follow his journey, as I do every week.

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