Tuesday 22nd July 2008

I have some unfortunate news. I have been dropped like a lead balloon by my dearest brother Pavneet Singh Khural. He dropped the bombshell via MSN last Wednesday, I was gutted. He is going to catch The Dark Knight with his workmates Barry and Scott this coming Thursday at Vue, Oxford early evening 5pm showing. I am really annoyed. Mainly because he is my cinema buddy but also because we went to see the first movie in the reboot of the franchise, Batman Begins back in June 2005. In fact it was a momentous occasion, as it was the first time we met up with each other to go to the cinema since our college days (we had met up for the first time in Maidenhead in May a month earlier). I remember it very well, as I had to get directed from his old flat to his new house in Emmer Green via his sister on the telephone. It became a trip down memory lane as I took a camera phone photograph of the old number plate of his Proton. In any case, there is an unwritten rule that if we see the first movie together we have to see the sequel. This has been the case with Fantastic Four and erm, I cannot think of any others at the moment. So to rub salt into the wound, Pav cut and pasted his e-mail confirmation from Vue into the MSN window last week and that annoyed me further. I feel I have no option to block him on Friday just in case he lets something slip.

Batman is perhaps my second favourite superhero of all time (after Superman) and a touch higher up the scale than Spiderman (he is a bit too much of a boy figure in my opinion). So you can imagine my joy that the franchise was to return with Christian Bale donning the cape of the saviour of Gotham City. I have thankfully been able to make plans to catch the movie on Friday evening at 8pm, at the same establishment with my friend Clive and his friend Edwin (over from France). I am really looking forward to this movie, from the moment we saw Batman pick up that Joker card on the top of some skyscraper on that night in June three years ago (can you believe it has been three years). I remember smiling with Pav and saying I could not wait for the sequel as a hero is only as good as his adversary. I am trying my best to avoid getting sucked into the reviews but it was unavoidable to hear that the late Heath Ledger deserves an Oscar for his performance. When the villian is stealing the show so well (similar to Hoffman in Mission Impossible III) you know you have a great cinematic experience on your hands. My only disappointment is that I will be sharing the experience with my dear friend Pav. Although we will be in the same multiplex, allbeit fifteen hours apart.

It is a bit early to be discussing the weekend but I have been invited to a barbeque at the Medfords’ to celebrate Elvis and Jennifer’s wedding anniversary (seven years) so will be there on Saturday evening. The rest of the weekend pans out as usual. Gym on Sunday morning and trying to sort out my friends computer as well as the family desktop if I have time.

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