Friday 25th July 2008

It is 00:47 as I begin writing this post. I am very excited to put down in words my cinematic experience this evening. First things are first though, I managed to keep Pav at bay all day. I got two texts from him, on yesterday evening and one today, “Terry Bruce Wayne is really Batman” which was just a big joke. I blocked him on MSN and did not log into Facebook all day. Not that difficult when you are really busy and have a meeting for a few hours in the afternoon and disappear out for a long lunch. I was really looking forward to the movie and actually got over to Thame about ten minutes early. Clive and Edwin were still finishing their dinner out on the patio in the back garden. It was a few minutes before we left to head over to Vue in Oxford. We got their around 7.35pm, as Clive drove cross country and avoided any traffic. However I was shocked at the queue of people waiting to get into screen six. There had already been a notice on the door outside that the 8pm screening was sold out. We hatched a plan. Clive went to the toilet, while Edwin and I got in the queue for snacks. Clive had given us our tickets and was going to sneak into the screen and save us some seats. We eventually got some popcorn and joined the back of the queue, almost by the far end wall of the cinema. However it was a few minutes before 8pm now and the queue was moving. I was hoping that Clive had saved us some seats. He did a great job, central seats as requested and we found him, waving like a crazy man in the middle. We sat down and it was just a moment to wait for the Pearl & Dean music to start. Easily one of the greatest super hero movies of all time. I would go as far to say that it gives Superman II a run for it’s money but perhaps due to the dark nature of the film and multiple subplots it just loses out. Time will tell. Okay, a few criticisms, perhaps it is a bit too long and the story is fairly complicated. However, that aside it is a great movie and I loved every second. Bale gives a towering performance as Batman and Heath Ledger steals the show as The Joker. A hero is only as good as his villain and in this case, Batman truly does meet his match. I cannot wait for the next instalment and actually could just watch this movie again. Trust me, it is no understatement to say it is that good! The set pieces are brilliant, all the cast give sterling performances. Personally I would have preferred to explored Harvey Dent’s revenge in a separate movie (the Joker is plenty of a villain for one movie if not more). Nevertheless, it all works and the story does have you hooked at the edge of your seat. The story is the most important aspect of the movie, with only one gadget used during the climatic final battle scenes. What appeals to me most about Bruce Wayne, is the fact that by day he is a billionaire playboy without a care in the world. Flying in on helicopters with beautiful women, or driving around Gotham in his super fast car. However by night, he turns into the caped crusader, looking out for the innocent citizens of the city. Leading such a contrasting double life makes him the ultimate hero. However I feel Superman wins out because Clark Kent is so pathetic and you feel sorry for him and in a way can relate to the loser (every office has one). Enough comparisons, back to the movie. There is a great deal to take in so pay attention but most importantly sit back and enjoy the ride. Just consider that had to sit through two rather painful Batman movies (particularly Batman & Robin) to be able to finally enjoy the franchise as it should have always been realised on the big screen. There is not much more I can really tell you until you go and see it. The Joker is just truly insane and just does not care for anything, people, money or himself. Batman does find himself up against it but will he run forever? “Either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain!”. I can now never watch the 1960s camp, Batman series with Adam West (I think they are currently airing on BBC4). While I suppose there is an audience for this comic action, I think I will leave them for the young children and concentrate on the movies. I cannot wait for the next one. If you are really bored, you can find out why Revenge Of The Sith is apparently better than The Dark Knight.


Clive annotated the notes to Energy by Keri Hilson for me and gave them to me after we got back from the cinema. The video was released last week and I was able to download a copy, you can check it out on YouTube. I will try and find time to practice over the weekend but it already looks like it is going to be a busy one. I got a long list of jobs to do tomorrow. Go into town, get haircut, return library book, get another book from my reading list, buy some bits and bobs from Boots and then head home. Then I need to wash the car, before doing the television catchup. The weekend has become a time for catching up on television I have missed during the week. There is Friday’s edition of Eastenders, plus part two of Burn Up. I also have five episodes of John Adams to get through and even a classic Bollywood movie from 1992. A personal favourite but doubt I will get a three hour window to sit down and enjoy (has to be watched via XBMC and not on my PC). I will let you know, how I get on. Tomorrow night I am off to Jenny’s house for a barbeque to celebrate her wedding anniversary with her family. Sunday morning will be gym and major catch up time in terms of television but also a chance to clear my room and sort out all my paperwork. It is quite a mess at the moment.

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