Sunday 27th July 2008

I was the first person in the gym this morning, a few minutes after 7.30am. I wanted to get the workout out of the way early, so I could get home and get on with all the little jobs I had to do. The gym was completely dead and only had a handful of users by the time I checked out at 8.31am precisely. But by the time I got home, had a light breakfast, I had to get some rest, I was not feeling great. Yesterday was the start of a catch up weekend and I did not have much of a window to watch both Eastenders (Friday episode) and part two of Burn Up, so I decided upon the trip to Albert Square. I was half dozing in my leather chair and remember waking up to see Jase with a face full of blood and collapse. I thought I missed the ruck! Watching part of the episode again on BBC1 this afternoon, I realised I had not missed any action. Had a great time at Jennifer’s barbecue yesterday evening. My sister dropped me off around 7pm in Downley. There was quite a bigger gathering than I expected, after Jenny had originally told me, “It’s just a few close family and friends and I would like you to be there”. They were celebrating their seven (yes seven!) year wedding anniversary. I finally got a chance to hold Aiden (photos to be uploaded by Anthea and Jen in due course) while he was asleep but did see him awake for part of the evening. I also finally got to have a proper conversation with Elvis and also met Nick, Anthea’s boyfriend for the first time. The only other person I knew there was Philip Jeeves, whom was also in my form (x.2) at Ramsay. He was there with girlfriend and his parents. The last time I had seen him was in fact the very day of Jenny’s wedding (Saturday 28th July 2001). Something about time flies when your having fun or avoiding ex-class mates you really do not want to keep in touch with. Although of course Facebook has put a stop to any of that business. It was a great evening, with the Caribbean music bumping (a bit of dance hall and reggae) and a lovely spread prepared by Jennifer herself (and not her Mum as I originally thought). I got my sister to pick me up around 10pm before I headed home. A very pleasant evening and nice to do something different and local for a change. I am not a big fan of Twitter, both as a user and reader. The excellent search facility enables you find out what people are discussing right now. I have subscribed to a few tweet feeds. One person you may know, from the BBC News. Rory Cellan-Jones (double barrel names can be so annoying). He blogs regularly on the over at the Beeb but you may recognise him from technology or financial news bulletins on television. He took the following photograph, and boy did it made me chuckle. Although looking back it could refer to those Fathers 4 Justice super heroes!

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In my searches via Summize (now purchased by Twitter to become Twitter Search) I found this great tweet from Hoodhype describing Keri Hilson in her Energy video! 🙂 If you want to know what I am referring to, you can go over and check out the video on YouTube. I am sure I linked to it in my previous post. Watched the final part of Burn Up lunchtime today. It was very good but I was slightly disappointed, I expected a little bit more but then as a political thriller, you can expect it to do no more than get bogged down in the politics. Literally seconds before Holly (Neve Campbell’s character) was killed off, I thought it would be far too easy for her to just be eliminated by the powers that be and that the script writers would come up with a more sophisticated way to have her compromised. I was wrong, she meet a deadly end in the football stadium in Calgary, Canada. A shame, because she is a fantastic actress and although not given a major part here was excellent throughout. Good work but with plenty of plot holes and unexplained aspects, it does provide you with an idea of what actually goes on behind the cameras at these world forums but also the deals cut between the big oil companies and international governments. Well, they will have to come up with some alternative fast, the oil is expected to run out around 2050, only forty-two years to go!

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