Thursday 28th April 2005

So we come to the end of yet another working week, but on this occasion we have the comforting thought of a Bank Holiday Weekend. Though I do not have anything major planned, I thought I would post a quick entry, to ease us into the three day break. Work has been steady and far more bearable with much less stress. Though I must confess, at times I wish there were more challenges to undertake, but must not grumble.

A summer of blockbusters on the silver screen begin, tomorrow night when I go to see, Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. This would not be something I would normally go to see, particularly at the cinema, but I am curious. This curiosity stems from over eleven years ago, during my first RE lesson at my secondary school. The teacher had decided to bring up the question of faith and asked that momentous of questions about Life, the Universe and Everything. To this day, I do not know why she decided to bring up the book by Doughlas Adams and never decided to read the book, listen to the radio shows or watch the 1981 television series. It may have been an attempt by the teacher to break the ice and be humourous. Perhaps this is the best way to kick off my summer. An entertaining movie, from which I expect little and therefore can look forward to the subsequent films that I will be watching over the coming few months. Unfortunately I do not have the creative ability to do a preview, like a certain Mr. Bandali knocked together two years ago on his weblog. Starting a petition or just pestering him may force his hand once again! Over the weekend, I will let you know what I thought of the movie, but from what I have seen in the television trailer, it does look fantastic.

What else? Very little I am afraid, even though I wish I was making more progress on other shores than I am. Letting things lie and just getting on with it may seem like a great option at the time but what other door is open to me? Sure it is hard but the more I evaluate my current circumstances, I feel less a burden upon my shoulders. When someone is busy, when someone has their own agenda that they are surrounding themselves in, there is little room for movement. By following your heart, you always leave the opportunity for it to be broken, but it is far better to have done the things that you thought were right. So, perhaps tomorrow when I get some response, some feedback and a warm glow touches my heart, I will feel glad for taking such steps. Time will tell, but you will read it here first, no matter how ambiguous the recital of events are to write up.

Have a great weekend, whatever you get up to!

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