Thursday 11th May 2006

Today could be seen as the first official day of the summer? Why? Well as I walked to my car in the office car park, I realised that it was the first opportunity to switch on the air conditioning. However, I opted to sweat in the car, wearing my suit and not adjusting my tie, for the drive home. You might have gathered by now that I am a strange individual. Never mind, perhaps this feeling is just a temporary phase and there will be a point in the not too distance future when I will return to normal. I like the summer and am glad the weather has improved. Last year I was looking forward to the summer for a mixture of reasons, but predominately it all centred around one person. This year, things are very different. Hold on, haven’t I said that before?

Flags. Well in particular the flag of Saint George which flies high on cars up and down the land. I have noticed that over the past week, they have reappeared, on the our roads. I had a flag, two years ago next month, yes June 2004, Sunday 13th actually. Can you believe it has been already? The mistake I made, purchasing the patriotic article the weekend of the England v France game was I got a cheap product, which tore a few weeks later and did not live to the end of the tournament, let alone the length of England’s involvement. So this time I want to open up the phone lines, I mean the bloglines and give anyone that cares to have an opinion, to tell me which flag I should get and from which store. Actually let me phase that more directly, which flag of Saint George I should get for the car. Perhaps I should stop doing things by half and go the full hog and knock myself out with a car pack?

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