Sunday 31st August 2003

End of the month already and I’m back to University in a few weeks time. The summer is quickly coming to a close. Arsenal, came from behind to beat Manchester City, 2-1 at the City of Manchester Stadium today. A stupid mistake by Lauren, which meant he scored an own goal, gave the Blues an early lead. A little nudge from Trevor Sinclair, was missed by the referee. However, after the interval, Arsenal came up, firing on all cylinders and it was only a matter of time before they would bring the game level. Wiltord scored a great goal, after the Man City defence were unable to clear their lines. Then, later into the game, Freddie, came to the rescue, as Seaman had come out to take the ball from Pires, but the loose ball was picked up by the Swede and driven home for the games winner.

I’m busy trying to get myself sorted out for University. I start in a couple of weeks time and need to get myself organised. I’m looking forward to going back. Having been in Leicester on Friday, it was a great feeling to be back there. I’ve sorted out accommodation now, so it is just a matter of time, before I’m back, in lectures, in the labs and of course the library.

I’ve finally closed my MadAsAFish account, as of today. It has forever given me problems. The spam and access restrictions meant that I was no longer able to use the service via my FreeServe broadband connection. So I’ve moved the site across, however this is only a temporary measure, as I hope to have my own web space at some point in the near future.

I have loads of new websites that I want to add to the links collection, they include sites for Mr T, American Teen programmes we all grew up with (Saved By The Bell, California Dreams and Sister Sister). I’m working on getting all these sorted out for my update, next weekend.

Typical – guess who is the player of the month on my 2003 Arsenal Calendar? Of course, it could only be Lauren! ;o)

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