Sunday 26th March 2006

Yet another busy weekend. So much going on it is nearly 11pm on Sunday evening as I begin to write this post. I have several things to mention and as usual no real idea of where to start. Perhaps the evenings of Friday. I got in from work around 6.30pm and instead of rushing around to get ready (as you would normally) I casually went on the computer to catch up on my e-mail, MSN contacts and daily blogs. It was only when the clock approached 7pm (with the credits of Hollyoaks rolling) that it finally dawned on me that I had to get ready and get over to Windsor by 8pm. Plus I did not know Windsor that well and was relying upon Multi Map directions. Eventually I got my act together and was out the door by 7.30pm and after a quick pit stop at Dave’s I was on the M4, making my way to the Royal town. My directions were next to useless, so I had to use my own instinct, which overall did not let me down. I parked in the multistorey only to at this point discover I had lost my mobile. Boy, did I feel naked without my mobile. Even though I do not use it that much I like to always have it with me, like Linus from the Peanuts comic strip. I was annoyed because I wanted to ring Pav and confirm where the restaurant was and that I was running slightly late. Never mind, I would have to find the Mexican restaurant myself. Eventually I headed in the right direction, and eventually some signs confirmed I was heading the right way. The door was opened by the bouncer and I was greeted by Mel. Sure enough, as per usual, Pav and the rest of the crew had not arrived. Why was I acting surprised? I went over to our table and took a seat. They were on their way apparently but I know Pav’s poor punctuality from our days at college. They did arrive eventually and after a few drinks we placed our order. I must say, although the food did take some time to arrive, it was well worth the wait. Fajitas anybody? The atmosphere was lively, with a small dance floor and amateur DJ. They played the classics, The Way You Make Me Feel and Billie Jean by MJ and just like in Reading two weeks ago, the golden oldies from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack could be heard (just about) under the voice of a chorus of ladies (of various girls) singing at full voice. The bar area was packed with most punters placing orders for their famous cocktails. I had a great time and it was great to catch up with so many of Pav’s friends. Many of whom I only know through his forum. After the meal we headed next door to Yello for a few more drinks before going back up the road to Havana. By this time in the evening everyone was rather tired so we made our way home. I make it sound like we went home at 11pm, but it was way past midnight by the time I got into the car. My route home took me to deep into Ali G country, Langley. The route from Windsor took me over the M4 to a road that runs parallel to the motorway. It is a road that for many years I have wondered if I would ever get the opportunity to drive. Why is this stretch of tarmac so important? It goes past the European Headquarters of Computer Associates. I got home at 1.30am, only to discover my key would not open the door, so I had to wake my relatives to open the door. My bad. The trip into London, had to be placed onto the back burner, as I was awoken on Saturday morning. Take us to Birmingham, was what my Mum said as I finally got myself out of bed. Even before the trip to the Midlands was forced upon me I already had quite a big Saturday morning planned, which had now be squeezed into less than an hour. So I rushed out of bed and soon came to the realisation that a very busy day lay ahead. First stop was to the dry cleaners at Asda to drop of my suit, in the chit chat while I waited for my two items to be booked in I was reminded that the clocks go forward in the evening. Summertime was literally around the corner. Then it was into town to get a haircut. The hair saloon I use was busy so there was a good twenty minute wait but I arrived just before it got packed out and people were turned away at the door. Then after a quick trim I headed back towards home, but to John Lewis. Here to pick up some Mini DV tapes for the camcorder. My Uncle is a Bollywood film buff and wanted to start capturing the tour of ‘UK 2006’. Thankfully I had charged up both batteries last Saturday before they arrived. I set out on the M40 with only one condition. We had to leave Birmingham around 3pm, to get back to Wycombe in time for Arsenal’s match on Prem Plus. Little did I know how that would just not happen. The game was postponed, but I was only to discover that just before 5pm. For once Multi Map proved like gold dust and got us to our destination (just outside Kings Norton) perfectly and in good time. Just a shame every other time I need to get directions I get lost. When I finally came to the realisation that I was not going to get home for the match, I was in a mood, a really bad mood. It was not the first time. Back in September, Saturday 10th to be exact. I was once again in the Black Country and on this occasion missed the Middlesborough game, which again was the evening kick off screened on Prem Plus. Next time, drive yourselves. In reality it was not a big deal, particularly with the big Champions League game against Juventus, just around the corner. Watching Final Score with the volume extremely low, meant I had to text Chris for final confirmation that that the Portsmouth game was definitively called off. By the time he replied to my SMS, I had already read the information on the BBC screen at least twice. I settled down in my chair and calmed down, considerably. Although having your weekend plans changed at the drop off the hat is never easy but I was willing to make the compromise. We finally got into the car to leave around 6pm and I was extremely tired behind the wheel, even on the relatively quiet M40. The only way to concentrate was to keep my eyes as close to the windscreen and sing along, tapping on the steering wheel to songs on Radio 1. We got home around 7.30pm and instead of jumping on the computer, I should have gone straight to sleep. Sunday came around, as it always does and after a lazy start the rest of the family went out to the Wycombe Gurdwara. Meanwhile I was left to my own devices. I spent an hour or so on the computer, multitasking between the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games and working on some graphics work. The hand over ceremony to the next host city, Delhi in 2010, inspired me. I am not a big fan of athletics, but the Commonwealth Games is more my standard of sport. No supermen, with golden boots running in their own unique style. No Americans. No Chinese and no Russians. The only real competition for England are the Australians. I wonder what our forefathers, those of the imperialist colonies from the beginning of the last century would feel to see such a competition take place, second fiddle to the Olympics. Great idea in concept, take over all these countries across the globe, eventually give them back but keep them in a special club. I messaged my friend in Manchester (the host city prior to Melbourne) and asked if I could book a date for 2010 in their diary. They response was that they might be married by then, at the tender age of 26. A scary thought but I replied that most likely so would I. It would be a nice time to go back to India. Plus I am sure my workplace would be glad to see a holiday form from me, even it is post dated seven months and four years in the future. Never say never. Another night out dining at another Indian restaurant. This time around the location was the Lemon Grass just outside Maidenhead, the artist, Destiny’s Child. Last year for my birthday meal, we went out in Eton and heard Wham! However eventually, just like at the restaurant in November the waiting staff switched the CD to Hindi music. An enjoyable meal for Mother’s Day, in pleasant, quite civilized surroundings. Just what you need to unwind on a Sunday evening. My Dad then wanted to have a spot of desert and tea in Marlow, so we headed over to the Crowne Plaza (where my sister, Samantha once used to work). After some lovely deserts and tea, we went over to the bar area, where my Dad and Uncle were having a drink. The final few minutes of the Madrid game was on the big screen and I watched the goals. Fantastic free kick by Baptista, that clipped the underside of the bar and went in, was pick of the four. Final thought goes to yet another one of those online tests. I know I only did the geek tests a few months ago, but this one caught my eye from the Guardian Technology blog. I was has honest as I could be and surprised I rated so highly when I knew on many of the questions I fell over.

I am nerdier than 77% of all people.

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