Saturday 27th May 2006

It is 1.34am and I have just got in from Reading. The weekend is already in full swing and I felt like I was waiting an age for 6pm to come around yesterday. Pav and I were counting down via MSN, as we usually do to our big weekends. Looking back at this bank holiday last year, I realised now how little I did. Watched a few movies on television, carried out some housekeeping on the family computer but generally did nothing exciting. How different life is twelve months on. Biggest weekend of the year so far? I would not got that far but it is different, to say the least. It is getting late now, so I better quickly review the third in the X Men Trilogy, The Last Stand. As the title dictates, this is (apparently) the final movie to be made about the mutant collective. X Men 3 is the only movie that I have seen on the silver screen, but I still consider the second the best. (As you will also note I find with most movie trilogies, only excluding Mission Impossible). The story is very good, but there is perhaps too much emotion on the screen for us, as the audience to take in along with the all the action scenes. Perhaps the plot alone is quite convincing, the way events unravel is not at quite the same pace as you would expect. Overall it was good, but not great, but then I am I being far too critical. The characters are well developed but there is little opportunity to see them shine, as the story takes centre stage. There is a fantastic climatic battle at the end but it could have been much better and the pairing of the good and bad mutants is far too predictable. Although Halle Berry does well against Dania Ramirez, the rest is a bit of a mismatch of stupid proportions, particularly as it feels more of a school outing than a battle of a super heroes for the fate of the modern world. I am not sure if I expected to much but the film failed to deliver in so many areas. Whereas with Fantastic Four, which I saw last year (they will return next year!), the limp ending was forgiven, as it was the first movie. We have come accustomed to much better from the X Men series, and Jean Grey is not underused but undervalued in this movie. She deserved better, much better. I wish I had stayed and watched the final scene after the credits but have found out what happens, thanks to the wonder of Wikipedia. My advice is, unless you are a big fan of the previous two films or have a great love of superheroes, wait for this to come out on DVD.

Nearly 2.30am, how much time do I waste reading IMDB? I suppose it summaries your activities on the web generally into one site. You read up about a movie, then you want to know which other movies a female lead has starred in (and is working on). Then you read about those movies and stories and wonder if you can catch them at the cinema or on DVD. Not sure about you but I love reading the trivia for movies and the mistakes. This is what makes the Internet Movie Database one of the greatest web sites out there and perhaps makes the whole movie going experience for a film junkie like me, that much more enjoyable.

There are been several charity football matches played this year and this evening on ITV1, there was Soccer Aid. A mixture of reality television and live match between England and The Rest Of The World. Featuring a class act of ex professionals, or as I would prefer to label, veterans. I watched the remainder of the game after Doctor Who and it was entertaining, but of course not as mind blowing as a Premier League match or World Cup international. Yet, there were some talented players on the Old Trafford pitch, even if rather past their peak. Zola was perhaps the most eye catching player on display but there was also Maradona (whom I was surprised to see, as they had not mentioned him in the earlier trails). He had some fantastic touches, but of course his killer pass had gone and while in his mind wanted to dribble past the English defence all over again, his legs just could not keep up. Perhaps the most classic line, which had me in stitches on the sofa was from the ref. Gordon Ramsay was fouled clearly by David Gray outside the box. Even with a free kick awarded, the scottish restaurateur insisted on a penalty. What was the Italian’s response? Collina said, “I am not one of your waiter, Gordon!”. Ramsay must have given his now customary explicative in the heated argument. While you cannot doubt the great course of Unicef, sometimes football is not the only way to raise awareness and money for a good cause.

My weekend has been pants, particularly due to the weather as I have done nothing productive whatsoever. If fact I’ve been a lazy slob, even falling asleep at half time during the Welsh friendly. I am hoping there is a vast improvement in the weather for the festival tomorrow. I leave around 12pm and should be back early afternoon on Monday.

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