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I am back from my first ever Eurovision Party Experience! It was fantastic, I had a great time and most of my friends made a good effort to dress up and get into the mood. However, before I get to the party I should fill you in on my Saturday. After getting back quite late from the cinema (we went over to the Riverside bar and restaurant for a drink afterwards) I slept in until gone 10am and eventually got my act together at 2pm to go and wash my car. Well I vacuumed it first and then was in two minds as to weather or not to wash it. There was a slight drizzle but I thought I would bite the bullet and get it done. It took me just under two hours and it was a job well done. I used the new de-greaser that Pav gave me on Friday on the wheels and the dirty just flew off. Good product recommendation once again from Crystal Detail. Talking of CD, they now have an official web site. I made my first attempts to apply the Victoria Concours Wax which I purchased from Clean Your Car last week. I only tested it out on the bonnet and rear boot, just to get an idea of how to apply it and buff it to a beautiful shine in the sunlight. Overall I was impressed with the wax and Pav told me later that it only needed to be applied once every six weeks or so as the beading lasts for a long time. After washing the car, I spent the few hours I had left before the party to watch episode four of Greek. It has been getting better and there was memorably laugh out moments on the show but it was more of a filler slash character development episode. Then, I noticed that Superman II was being shown on five, so watched for a few moments before jumping in the shower and getting ready. I could not find a tunic, so my Mum got my cousin Anita to bring one along with her, so I had to wait for them to get to Wycombe. It was 7pm as I got into my car but they were around the corner in Asda getting some last minute bits and pieces for the weekend. Eventually I got the top and headed over to Reading. I think I should clarify where I stand on Eurovision. I’m not a big fan but have liked some of the UK entrants of yesteryear (anyone remember Precious?). However, I do not need much of an excuse for a party, so was really glad when I heard Em was organising one and the Event got posted up on Facebook. I suppose you could call me a bit of a closet fan as I have watched most years at home with my family. Last year being the exception when I listened instead. In 2006, I watched the UK performance and then opted to watch National Treasure on Sky movies instead (the sequel I only watched a few weeks ago). However it is something I have always enjoyed watching and even downloaded the odd song. However, the ideal opportunity of a party meant we could all get in the mood and have some fun! It was a good reason to dress up and learn about a different country, particularly as I did not agree with Andy being there, it should have been Michelle Gayle, her song was much more Eurovision than the jazz club number, “Even If”. I parked at the old house in Emmer Green and then Pav’s Mum gave me a lift to the house in central Reading. As I was let in by Pav, I handed him the important package I had brought along – the remote control. Could we tune into BBC1 and get decent reception. Andy (Sweden) and Nicola (Greece) were already there and Em (France) was in the kitchen preparing the snacks. I will put the country assigned in brackets but it will be quite easy to work out from the photographs (nearly 200) that are being uploaded to FlickR as I type. The lounge had been decorated with flags of several of the countries participating on bunting but the only furniture to speak of were some cushions, so I had brought along my inflatable football chair (which I had got as a leaving present from my placement at Hillier’s back in July 2003. I had only used it once, during Christmas that same year). It was quite a mission to inflate the thing, and even with Andy and Nicola helping, I only half inflated the beast in time to be seated for the start of the show. At 8pm sharp, the show began and here I was, my first Eurovision Song Contest Party could begin. Rather than go into all the details of what happened during the course of the night, I think I will let my photographs tell the story. Sazzle (Russia) was the eventual champion but there were good shouts by Greece (Nicola) and Ukraine (Annie). So what are you waiting for there are 192 photographs over on this fresh new FlickR set.

TegNicola & Andy t_doggGeoff & Em

Song wise I really liked the ballad from Israel. Performance wise, Ukraine was right up there along side Greece (whose song Secret Combination would not have been out place at a Britney Spears concert earlier this decade). Then there were the crazy performance, particularly Spain which put together a comic show with even one dancer (in pink) falling on the floor. Russia won and deserved their victory. I have seen Dima live, he performed at the World Music Awards in Earls Court two years ago and was very good even if he has more than a passing resemblance for Pop Idol flop Darius Dinesh. Off to Moscow next year then but will the man that keeps us all going through the evening, Sir Tell be there with us? Joined up to Twitter so I can upload quick blitz updates to this blog when I am out and about. (I will get around to putting a twitter box somewhere but at the moment my side bar looks far too busy and needs a spring clean, something (or several things) will just have to bite the dust! Also considering the amount of time I am on the road these days, thought it would be useful. Just one more day of the Bank Holiday Weekend left. I was going to into London to meet up with a friend and look at The Telectroscope. However having just watched the weather (with Laura Tobin) I have decided to abandon those plans to visit the capital. It is going to be raining all day, so apart from a morning trip to the gym, a duvet day (of sorts). Hope you all have had a good weekend and make the most of tomorrow!

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