Sunday 24th October 2004

The only news this week was an unexpected e-mail I received from a member of Bolly Bob collective. With reference to my blog entry from April where I discuss my views on Indian cinema, my comments were, ‘very much appreciated’. The main reason for the e-mail was to inform me that I now was part of a growing group of people, with links on to their site. Plus, there was more news on what our favourite villain, Bob Christo had been up to since his retirement from Bollywood in the early 1990s. Although if my memory serves me correctly, he did have a cameo role on the 1997 smash Gupt. It is great to see, that my personal influence, along with those of many other blog writers, has convinced the owner of the site to start up again and give the site that much needed lick of paint. A very much welcomed improvement. Keep up the great work guys! 🙂

There are many catchphrases that are bounded around. Most of the time, they reflect the popular television series or advert running at the time. Well there has been one such catchphrase that has been doing the rounds at work, over the past few weeks. My friends know my long term fondness for Ali G but I am also a big fan of Borat. Genius. That is the only way I can describe this fictional character from Kazakhstan. I really hope that Mr. Cohen can come up with some original characters to match Borat and Bruno. There has been talk of killing of Ali, as the vehicle runs of commercial viability, particularly after the second series in the US.

To get you through the working week, you need to switch over to Three at 9.30pm on Tuesday evening. Some of you may already be tuned onto this channel, watching Little Britain. I have to admit, I have never been a fan, and just cannot see the appeal. Although I was surprised to discover my Dad is a big fan. Well straight afterwards is the comedy, My Life In Film starring Kris Marshall (of My Family and Murder City). The first episode aired, taking inspiration and paying homage to Top Gun. Each week the series plays around with a movie, putting a spin on the original motion picture, with Art very much playing the lead role. All I can say, is that give this comedy a chance and let us see where it takes us. This is only the beginning.

Crunch time. Come on you Reds! (I think we may be playing in our blue away kit actually!?)

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