Sunday 23rd February 2003

Went out in Bedford for the first time last night with some work colleagues and had a quite a good time. When in one of the pubs in the High Street, I noticed, perhaps not a mass upsurge but considerable interest (mainly from the ladies) for a young man whom, had just entered the establishment. As he squeezed through the crowds of Saturday night revelers, I was amazed to discover it was Kevin Simm from the original (2001) ITV Popstar’s runners-up band, Liberty X. It was on his return through the crowds heading out of the public house, that I was able to make eye contact, smile and say “Hi”. My thoughts fell back to the MasterCard poster campaign, which had come to climax, for the Brit Awards on Thursday 20th February! The poster has the image of a young teenage girl, at the front of a crowd at a West Life concert, with the classic words underneath: “Star gazing: priceless”. An ideal way to describe my experience on Saturday night. Its amazing how much we realize that when we do meet some ‘celebrity’, that they are indeed ‘human’ and no different from ourselves. Its just unfortunate, or perhaps fortunate (depending on your own personal view point) that it takes a moment, of ‘star gazing’ for us to come to this perhaps obvious conclusion.
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