Sunday 21st August 2005

The mother of all reality television shows return to our television screen last night. While purists would always go for Big Brother, my personal opinion on the whole RT situation is as follows. If you have talent, you will be discovered and have your fifteen minutes (perhaps more). However, we must stop now, the mindset of many young people growing up thinking they are the next big thing. Arrogance is one thing, but a belief that you have a god given talent and should be booking your place in the final is appalling. What makes it worse, is bringing your entire family along to witness this character assassination. Then having the cheek to beg the judges to overturn an unanimous decision. True talent will shine through, regardless of the circumstances. You know if you are good and others will be aware of and acknowledge your talent. HRH The Prince of Wales recently highlighted this in a leaked memo. I agree with him. People should not rise above their station, unless their achievement is through sheer determination, hard work and resilience. Some people associate fame, with money. They fail to realise that before any of the recognition or plaudits comes the hard work. The long nights practicing and defining your art. We all need to change and forget the dream that everything will be served up on a plate for us. It will not. While I confess, I am part of the MTV generation, that perhaps can be blamed as the root course for this social change in our youth. There is more to the picture than meets the eye. What people need to understand there are other things to channel their efforts into. Many are called, few are chosen. (I should be one to know.)

So the big match, is just a few hours away. I can’t wait. We have a fantastic league record against the Blues and look forward to bringing them down a beg or two. While I respect the Champions, their manager is someone whom at times, beggars belief. Most comment on the departure of our captain for Italy, yet forget those that remain. I am strong believer that no one, is bigger than the club, regardless their talent and contribution as a player or manager. Therefore, a club is better off without those onboard, who are not fully committed to the cause. With Patrick gone we can focus on what really matters. Not just winning every game, but in the style that has made us the most exciting team to watch by a country mile. On my hunt around the web to find other Arsenal related web sites, I discovered the following, blog, the Arsenal View. Regularly updated and intelligently written, I think I may well add this to blog roll in the coming few weeks. Come on you Gooners!

A big fan of the children’s cartoon, which was screened on BBC1 in the mid 1990s, I have not seen the 1956 original, starting David Niven. The cartoon, was actually produced in the late 1980s, but had several re-runs on the Beeb. I was hoping to see the remake starting Steve Coogan and Jackie Chan, last summer. I can recall, double decker buses driving past St. Paul’s Cathedral, last summer, as I ate my lunch, with the movie poster on side. As it happened, I did not get around to watching the film on the big screen. While not a major disappointment, I looked forward to the premiere on Sky Movies, which thankfully was last night. I did not realise it was a Walt Disney production until I checked on the web, but as far as an entertaining movie goes, it hit the spot. While not the whirlwind adventure I had hoped for, there was enough going on to keep me occupied. Jim Broadbent and Ewen Bremner steal the show together, with some classic one liners. If you wanted something historically accurate and well polished, you’ve come to the wrong place. Jackie Chan binds the movie together and provides a great companion for Steve Coogan, on this journey to secure his wager. Overall the movie, while distracting from the original movie does have feature a host of cameos, which keep you glued to the screen. The fight scenes are unique and inventive, even if the whole guise of the Black Scorpion sub-plot was vintage, Chan, wanting to put his own stamp on his characters motivation. Personally, I think Chan should these stories of protecting family honour or saving the village from doom. They do not work well in Hollywood. Other than that, it was an entertaining, Saturday night family movie. Just a shame I watched it on my own.

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