Sunday 18th January 2004

I have to confess, that I wanted to add an entry to my blog, earlier in the week. However, although the thoughts and emotions were readily available, I just was not in the mood to blog. Therefore, I can only conclude that you have to be in the right frame of mind to blog. I know, this afternoon, I am ready. So prepare yourselves, this is going to be a ‘hell’ of a ride! 🙂

By the middle of this year, I will have a job, perhaps even my own place. A daunting prospect. I must say that I am looking forward to leaving my life as a student and joining the ‘real’ world. Friends recently graduated have said that I will regret saying such things and long to rejoin this unique lifestyle that can only be described as ‘special’.

Michael Jackson, made his first court appearance on Friday. Everyone has their own view, opinion and the media circus that has surrounded these allegations is unprecedented. I strongly believe, like many other MJ fans across the globe, that the entertainer will be acquitted and this whole case will collapse, as it is based on lies. It was the philosopher, Aristotle, who said, “The high minded man must care more for the truth than for what people think.” Let us hope that justice prevails.

With London’s Olympic bid for 2012 launch, I was looking back at the lack of sporting events I have actually been to. This is something that I must change. If the Olympics did come to London in eight years time, I would want to be apart of that experience. In June 1996, I was lucky enough to win tickets to Group A match of Euro ’96. It was through a competition run by HSBC. I got to see Holland play Switzerland at Villa Park. Sitting in the Holte End, I watched one of my idols, Dennis Bergkamp, score the second goal. Would you believe, the first football match I had ever been to? A shameful admission, I agree, but what a way to begin your days as a football spectator. Oh, the sweet memories of that year. I would do anything to go back and re-live, that summer. I hope to go and watch England play in the next World Cup, in Germany 2006. Hope? What for hope? I will go and watch England play in the next World Cup.

Cover versions, yes one of my favourite topics. I believe the purpose of a cover version, is for a band to do a re-interpretation of the original. They must add something new, perhaps recreate the song, in their own unique sound. What we do not want, is a re-production of the original. Someone at the BBC would agree with me. Unfortunately, up and coming artists are not listening. I downloaded the new song by Amy Studt, “All I Wanna Do”. Yes, it is a cover of the 1993 Sheryl Crow song. However, it sounds almost exactly like the original. What is the point of that? Some record label executives, really need to consider how they promote their artists. I personally feel it should be illegal for a band to release a cover version as their debut single. Cover versions when attempted in the correct fashion can at times surpass the original. Wheatus did a cover of Erasure’s, “A Little Respect”, which does prove some of my hypothesis correct. To locate other 80s songs that have been covered, check out Eighties Cover Songs.

Although most of my recent dreams have slipped my mind, the moment I am fully awake, one from last week remains transfixed in my mind. Perhaps, because it is so detached from reality, that it was the product of my rather brilliant imagination. I was watching TV, only to see myself, playing for Arsenal against Oxford in the FA Cup. My position was on the left handside of midfield, and I rushed back to break up an Oxford attack, intercepted the ball, turned swiftly and switched Arsenal into a thunderous counter attack. My name appeared on the screen, and my age, “23”, and I was making my first full team start for the North London club. That is all I remember. Strange, very strange. Is it a sign of things to come?

I watched The Faculty, on BBC1 last night. I had seen the movie before with my friends from Halls in the first year. It is strange how you try to remember, what exactly happens in the movie and can anticipate the twists and turns in the plot. I look back at my first year with such joy and happiness. I know I was different then. I didn’t realise the importance of many things, that I held close to my heart. Those who have been to University, had the experience of what I can only refer to as, finding yourself, will know what I mean. You are unaware of how lucky you are, until the time has passed and then it is too late. I made many friends in my first year at Uni. But of those that still remain, Sippy, Ollie and M-AS, I hold a special memory. We watched many DVD’s together, thorough out 2000 and 2001. The rushed drive to Queens Road Blockbuster and the rush back to Lawrence Kershaw in time to watch the rental. The Faculty was one of the many movies we watched together. At the time, I never paid attention to the closing song in the movie and it’s significance. You notice how everything has changed. The most popular girl in school is going out with the guy who has gone from zero to hero from his endeavors in the movie. I can only smile at this remarkable transformation. Hero’s are not born, they are made and this holds such relevance here. The song that plays during this closing scene is “It’s Over Now” by Neve. A typical soft rock ballad, which fits in with the feel of this movie. Perhaps even with the way I feel now, what I see before me and what lays ahead.

You don’t ever understand
It’s right here in our hands
The outline of our lives
It’s over now
It’s over now
It’s over now

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