Monday 23rd August 2004

There is always a rush, as you exit the train at Embankment. You mentally try and prepare yourself, to get onto the Bakerloo Line train ending North. The main reason for this mad dash, is the fact that the journey to the other platform is littered with obstacles. I wait patiently, as we pull up to the platform, glaring faces from the other side of the glass, eager for their journey to begin, showing little, if any courtesy, standing directly in front, blocking the path as you attempt to exit. Usually, I am at the front of the queue of people leaving the carriage. Not today, with three people ahead, so I had to act quick. My steps lighten as I sneak between the mass of people, heading in the same direction. Then there are the stairs, heading in an Eastly direction, steep but somewhat awkward to travel down with so many others. Not a problem for the ‘professional commuter’ (or should that be cattle user) as I now regard myself. I head towards the left stairwell, and hit turbo, leaping down the stairs at record speed. Round towards my right, are three more steps. Then we take an abrupt right, with many platform and lines converging. You heard a train pass, uncomfortably loud above your head. Three more steps to your right, but you are heading left for the escalator. I swiftly slide to the left hand side and accelerate down the revolving steps at high speed. Then, I turn right, sharp left, hit turbo again. In doing so, I heard something hit the ground. It was my pen. At first, I was going to stop and retrace my steps and pick up the pen. But I did not have the luxury of time, my train was pulling up the platform, and would be gone within seconds. As I boarded the tube train, I realised I which pen I had dropped and tried my best to kid myself that I did not care. Deep down I did. For somehow, would know the company I worked for, if they picked up the pen. It was indeed, a business pen. Little did I know how events in the following few moments would unravel. An middle aged Asian gentleman, smartly dressed and well spoken, had picked up the pen has I found a seat on the empty carriage. You know the type, he would not have looked out of place, at your local newsagent. Instead of asking, “Did you just drop a pen?”. He asked, “Did you just get off the Circle Line train?” When I nodded in agreement, he passed me the pen. My cover had been blown. What if he read my blog? What if he, would soon add a comment revealing all. Of course, I am crazily exaggerating, but is there the possibility? That on my daily ride on the Underground I casually smile at strangers on the train. Strangers whom may know me better than I know myself? Perhaps, but my blog does not have that mass appeal, some of the more mainstream blogs have. Yes, it is selfish, but it does have a mild purpose and slowly, together. Yes, you and me are making some progress to that end. These were just some of the thoughts that raced through my mind, as the Asian ‘Uncle’ headed back to his seat, diagonally opposite from me. As he looked up, he smiled. A coy smile. Was my secret out? Had the superhero been unmasked? Was my the secret safe, with this stranger?

On another note, did anybody notice, the large number of references to Back To The Future and Michael J. Fox in the 3rd series of Bo! Selecta. the quality overall went, this time around because they messed with the format, and the stars became bigger than the stars (does that make sense?) Some of the new characters did not have the magic of the older ones. (Did anybody else miss, a certain magician?) Will there be another series, or will the show die a quiet death? The later feels more likely, more predictable and just like the shows creator, much more fitting.

How was your weekend? Mine was quite uneventful. I watched Johnny English on Sky Movies on Saturday night. Generally, it was a good way, to while away a few hours of the evening, before Match Of The Day. (Strange how Sky Sports cannot even come close with their Football First feature, “Game Of The Day”. How tacky does that sound!) I was out, so missed the record leveling match against Middlesborough on Sunday afternoon. For the full match analysis, from the man who knows, go to Arse Blog. Not much else of note, to report I am afraid, as the month of August draws to a close. Work is very much steady, with the last band of my colleagues taking their summer holidays, to hotter and more gentle lands. I have never been to Notting Hill Carnival and have always wanted to go. Once again, there were discussion with my friends at college of going in 1999, although no body was in the mood following events earlier in that summer. Maybe, this year? Maybe the steel drums will be playing just for me this weekend. 🙂

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