Monday 15th August 2005

Monday morning again. Thankfully this morning, I had Simon Webbe with his debut single on CD, to help make the day a much easier pill to swallow. I drove to work with a spring in my step and fresh wind blowing through my mind. Ready to take on the world and win! On this CD, I had another classic song. Yet, before I can give you the artist and title I need to give the background. Of course, the reality is that my dearest friend Nav should be providing this rushed look back at his college years, but it falls upon to pick up the baton. At college, in his 6th form college room, there was only one band, Nav used to listen to. Going through the trendy indie phase, there was only one song that can remind him of this happy and someone carefree time. I wish I could sum up the super powers to take him back and away from his current predicament. While I cannot do this, I can do the second (or rather twenty-third best thing). Dedicate this blog entry to him. Perhaps someone he feels he is from another planet, I find his company on MSN a constant joy and pillar of knowledge. Perhaps the great book is true. If this is case, then perhaps the one could be, Girl From Mars! 123-Reg, the new hosts of my web site got their act together this morning. I still had not been contacted as the administrative contact for my domain. So, I faxed them, a cover sheet. Funnily enough, the address for them, over in Nottingham is Portland Street. A nod, or rather insult to the names of my previous hosts. The man upstairs truly doeswork in mysterious ways. It was confirmed as a successful transmission at 10.24am, in fourteen minutes, I had the confirmation sent to my Yahoo! account. Amazing. This was the sort of quality service I was used to. I logged in and ported in my domain into the 123-Reg control panel, purchased my hosting and sat back to relax. After thirteen days waiting around, I was hoping the hard work was done. I changed the DNS servers, which updated instantly but I had to wait until around 8pm tonight for the change to propagate around cyberspace, far and wide. Over in Brumland, the change was not as quick. While I could see the factory fit holding page, Sippy could see nothing. They just must be extra slow in the Midlands. I could not wait for them, so had to get my friend Nav on the case to check the site. Indeed, over in Lincolnshire, he could see my personal holding page (just my logo), while home in High Wycombe I could only view the 123-Reg holding page. 🙁 Please only link to this site via the official link – t-e-g dot co dot uk. So here we are, hosting done and dusted. No banners, no UK2Net, no chance of a DoS attack bringing down my servers or that of my host. The future is bright. The future is red. Why red? Why, the red planet of course. On my drive home, I put the volume up as I headed out of the car park, it was time for some serious rock. Do you remember the time I knew a Girl From Mars? I don’t know if you knew that. Oh we’d stay up late playing cards, Henri Winterman Cigars. Though she never told me her name, I still love you, Girl From Mars.

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