Friday 30th December 2005

I have a confession to make. I have in recent months (perhaps over the past year) become quite obsessive with this blog. To the point which, this cartoon actually applies perfectly. So I must apologise for trying to inflate my ego in this way. My biggest mistake is to say, “yeah, it’s all recorded on the blog…”. Although I don’t really do new year resolutions perhaps I should make a decision to stop mention blogs and blogging.

Speaking to Chris on Christmas Day we arranged to meet up in Marlow on Thursday evening. Then, during the course of the week on MSN, we arranged to meet up for a kick about in the early afternoon. At first, knowing what the weather had been like, I was not very keen, but my colleague persuaded me otherwise. I knew that some exercise (no matter how little) would do me some good. Particularly as over the past few days I had became a lazy vegetable, getting up late and having rather big meals during the day. I made it into Henley, just after 1pm and was surprised that it was not as cold as I had originally expected. We headed over to the football pitches, owned by my old college. In my two years studying A-Levels, I never came down for a game on the grass. My friends preferred the banks by the river Thames. I could go into detail about we did but it is not very exciting to be frank. Chris had the first stint in goal and I just took shots, free kicks and penalties. Then we swapped over, but as you can imagine I was far from effective between the sticks. After ninety minutes, I officially caught the football buzz and was happy to stay out for a little longer. The weather was no longer an issue, if it was cold, I was not feeling anything. However, my friend was hungry, tired and wanted to head back home. For once, it was me trying to guilt trip him into staying out longer, but it was no use. We returned to his house for a while before I headed back to Wycombe. Two games of SWOS and I was emphatically beaten. Although in the second match, I scored the goal of the afternoon, dribbling past not two but three defenders and lobbing the keeper. What a beauty – back of the net! Doing some quick research on the net, I discover that the greatest football game of all time, is making a comeback in the first quarter of next year. The screen shots look impressive and hopefully the gameplay is still there.

It is that time of year, when you review the past 12 months. Interesting 100 things over on the BBC. There is also the review of the television adverts over the past year. I have been trying to reflect back on my year in words. It has generally been very good. At the turn of the year, I was in finding my feet in a new job and after a shaky start it is going well, surprisingly well. The rest of the time has flown by with perhaps only a handful of noteworthy events. My visit to Cardiff for the Community Shield, three visits to Highbury including Members Day in August. I have made a host of new friends along the way, many of them online. This year will also go down as featuring my first ever concert, at the tender age of 24! If I can think of anything else interesting to put here, expect me to update this entry over the coming few days.

Little left to say apart from wishing all visitors to my blog, both old and new all the best for 2006.

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