Friday 25th May 2007

Nearly ten days without internet access. Painful is the only way I can describe it. Pav mentioned that it has been strange not seeing me online on MSN messenger in the evenings, and Sachin called me yesterday and had been wondering why I had been offline. Well the good news is that I placed my order for Sky broadband, for the third and hopefully last time. BT Wholesale had confirmed on Monday morning that the tag was scheduled to be removed on 25th and that I would be able to contact my new ISP on Saturday. However, after I got back from work this evening, I took a punt and gave Sky a call. The line was clear and my order was processed. However I was surprised that all three packages were now available on my line (2mb, 8mb, 16mb). I am so far from the local exchange that I thought 2 meg was my theoretical limit. While it was tempting to go for Mid or Max, I opted to remain with Base, after all I can upgrade later, if I ever feel the need. Something tells me that ‘need’ will never materialise. So, a ten day wait, even though the customer service operator mentioned it could take up to fifteen days. However, as I have written to BSkyB twice (including a letter right to the top) I am sure my order will be processed as quickly as possible. Just a case of the waiting game now, but at least everything I have needed to do has been done and the ball is in the court of my new ISP. The saga is slowly drawing to a close.

In other news? It is difficult to write anything else as life without the net is such a major headline in my world. Everything else is merely insignificant. I had the final few bits and pieces fixed on my A3 on Thursday evening. I left work early and headed over to the garage. Small speakers have been fitted underneath my seats now, to work along side the Parrot. The results are very good, as I took a phone call from Sachin on the way home. The problem with radio reception remains, although I went over to Pav’s place and picked up reasonable reception on most stations, but the moment I head into Wycombe, the reception drops. To try and resolve this, I have joined a new forum, Audi Sport in the hope of finding a permanent solution. I will of course, keep you up to speed on my progress.

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