Friday 23rd December 2005

Been far too busy this week to give my blog the time it deserves until now. The night before Christmas Eve and the excitement of the big day just so close, you can almost touch it. I feel good, no actually I feel great. Christmas always brings out the best of me as a person and I am glad that I am one of those people that always gets into the Christmas spirit.

It was almost pointless coming into work, other than to bid my colleagues a Merry Christmas with chocolates and samosas. We had zero phone calls, which is an improvement on last year, when an update was issued and a few reps called in during the morning. My colleague Chris got me a Champions League football for Christmas but not gone to the length of wrapping the gift. I can’t really blame him, it would have been difficult to disguise. Then he asked if I was up for a quick kick about in the car park before I left. Of course I was. This was the first football that I owned in over twelve years. It has been so long since I saw a football in real life, and not on the television that it made a refreshing change. However, the signs were still there, I was still highly unfit and got no technical ability on the ball whatsoever. Yet, that didn’t matter. The car park slowly deserted before we were the only ones left, passing the ball and Chris showing off his keepy uppies. Is this a good time to mention I have signed up for my work football team?

Saw the video for X-Factor winner, Shayne Ward today. I must say he was a deserving winner, although it did get me thinking of other black winners of reality television shows. Of course, there is only Tim Campbell who won the UK version of The Apprentice. Personally I think there is no racism in these shows, it is purely based on talent. The better singer won on the night. There have now been a series of winners, specifically solo artists, with only the original, Will Young still having some impact in the charts. Michelle McManus was, as expected only a minor success after her show. Now we have Shayne, who apparently has more mass international appeal, due to his boyish good looks. Time will tell. What I can say is that his first single is very good. For some reason the people behind these shows, know how to write the perfect ballad to reflect the feeling of achievement. Will Young had, “Evergreen”, Michelle had “This Time” but “That’s My Goal” just hits the right notes in my opinion. If I am honest with you, I did prefer Andy’s performance of the song on the night but perhaps because he sang it first. Mr. Ward potentially has a bright future ahead of him. Let us just hope he does not end his career before it has started like David and Steve.

There is nothing more left to say apart from wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2006. I may not get around to sending you an e-card tomorrow, so just for the record, I leave my seasons greetings to you all here, on my web site, like I do every year.

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